Myself and a friend want to climb Carrauntoohil this summer. Would we need a guide with us or would we be okay on our own? Is it a clear enough path right to the top? Thanks

Whitehawk Registered User

it depends how good you are at map work,and how much exp you have in the mts
if you can read a map you can get up it. therse a few well marked routes on the net so do up a route card and follow that.
also leave one route card with someone so if something dose happen the SAR team will find you. not that that is needed but up there a good day can turn bad easly.
After that be safe and enjoy it, its a nice climb up there. Id give u more adive on the route but cant rember off had tho im sure someone else here will have some more info for you.

gman2k Registered User

I alway start out from here http://goo.gl/maps/BgB6 and take the path steeply uphill to the east south east. Follow that up till the first lake, then take the shoulder of Caher all the way to the top. Then it's a clear run over to Carrauntoohil.
You can use this as a there and back route, or if you are more adventurous, you can complete the 'horseshoe route' and back down again. (lots of exposure if you complete the loop and go NW from the summit. Not for the faint hearted)
No need for a guide, just a proper map, compass and know how to use them.


I wouldn't say I have much experience, I Climbed Croagh Patrick once and the Galtees once... that any good? So we really know how to read maps? As in triangulate our position and all that using the compass and mirror etc? Is there no set path up to the top we can follow?

Whitehawk Registered User

ya just get some pratice with a map, compass some good tips for the old map and compass on the net so should come back to you fast enough

then on the day your going if theres anychance of fog or heavy rain etc just dont do it. clear summers day you should be fine, and make sure you have have enough layers on.

Conor74 Registered User

I think if you just want to get up and down, to say you did it, just use common sense (ie bring boots, whistle, insect repellant, water etc. etc.) and follow the hordes winding their way up and down the Devil's Ladder. Maybe buy the Harveys Superwalker map, or Jim Ryan's excellent guidebook.

If you want to make it an experience to remember, go up a more challenging route in very safe hands, Nathan who posts here is a guide. I'll PM you a link to his site.

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Ah yeah on my first go of Carrauntoohil I'll take the easier route. What day and time do most people climb it? I'd like to go when there are other people around, we don't want to be the only feckers on the mountain, for safety reasons.

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Conor74 Registered User

PedoPriest said:
What day and time do most people climb it?

Any fine Saturday or Sunday in the summer, any time in the morning, just take a ticket and join the queues.

Safety in numbers is not absolute. It also means more dislodged and falling rocks in a place like the Devil's Ladder. So stay either very close to those in front so nothing gathers speed...or sufficiently far behind to be safe...

maglite Registered User

I would be too fast to take the Devils ladder as a route up.

Carrauntoohil is a fairly popular hill to walk, its actually too busy for my liking. Any sunny day you should be fine. Have a Google round for the "Zig Zags" route, AFAIK KMRT have a guide on their site with a description.

OR PM Nathan, top notch guy. and get him to guide ye up if ye would feel more comfortable.

icesnowfrost Registered User

is there a summit stone at the top or something that says carrauntoohill so i dont go up the wrong mountain

StephenCPA Registered User

Do you really need a map and a compass?

gman2k Registered User

StephenCPA said:
Do you really need a map and a compass?

Yes, but more importantly is the knowledge of how to use them.

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the dark phantom Registered User

Google Earth can give you a good idea of the path and by using the tilt features you can see how steep it is.

Conor74 Registered User

icesnowfrost said:
is there a summit stone at the top or something that says carrauntoohill so i dont go up the wrong mountain

No. There is a big cross.

StephenCPA said:
Do you really need a map and a compass?

First timer? At this time of year, yes. On a clear day in summer, if forecast good, the risks are much less - good visibility, much longer days. In winter, the margins for error close in a lot.

Morpork Registered User

Myself and 3 others are planning to climb it for the first time in early April. On the 1st of April the sun will rise at 7:00 and set at 20:00. The climb would likely start at 9:00. This should be enough time, right?

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