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I quite like these, clean, uncluttered design. Not too small, not to big at 42 mm. Quite a step up from the rather dinky, cheap and almost childish old Komandirskies with the pictures of tanks, parachutes etc.
Quite a step up pricewise as well, but still well south of 200 Euro delivered.

All are automatik, with mineral glass, 100 m water tight and exhibition caseback on the bottom two. Straps are leather or rubber with a butterfly clasp.

Stainless steel base version.....................................................................................titanium casing

SS with lumiscent dial and 24h indicator / inner movable ring...................................titanium casing and 24h indicator

hmmm ...must resist another purchase that yellow/beige one fairly shouts at me

EDIT ...just noticed, no "smiley" 10 to 2 watches here

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I have one of the old-style Komandirskie and one Amphibia (with a little tank and a submarine respectively) - for me, the whole point of them is the wacky (and historical) Russian styling. That, and getting a 200 metre automatic watch for €25

The new ones are surely better watches objectively speaking, but that's not really what interests me - otherwise I'd just have a single decent quartz

By the way, if you're considering one of the ones with a rotating internal bezel, be careful to check that they've fixed their historical issue with rattling. I've got a Sturmanskie which is actually fine, but I also have another 3133 chrono with an internel rotating bezel and the rattling would drive you mad.

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Also check out,
Very nice.
I have the SS with lumiscent dial and 24h indicator / inner movable ring on a Watchadoo bracelet. Ordered the Bracelet from Sydney and the Watch from Russia, Bracelet arrived exactly 2 weeks later, the watch a day later!

Its exactly the same as this one 10th post down. I have owned a couple of Amphipias as well there is no comparison, the finish is on a par with a much more expensive watch. It has massive wrist presence.

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How did good old Oscar put it so eloquently ...I can resist everything but temptation.

I actually pulled the trigger on one of those yesterday . I blame the shyte weather, I'm bored, I need cheering up.

Didn't go for the yellow one in the end, but decided to try it's pale-faced industrial grey cousin instead. (The yellow is soooo common )

And just for added kicks I thought I'd buy from Meranom in Russia directly ...we'll see how that one works out

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I hear you! Bored with the yellow face already...gonna havta order another
I use Meranom all the time, a man of few words but very reliable. You have 2 weeks to wait... no issues with customs as it comes through an Post

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Now that it's here, I thought I might as well post a little review:

The facts:
Vostok movement 2416B automatic (with hand wind facility), 31 jewels, central second hand, date. No date quick-set, non-hacking. 19800 semi-oscillations per hour, rated to -20/+60 sec per day (these movements usually do a lot better though). Power reserve min 31 h.
Stainless steel 42 mm case, stainless steel (non display) back, mineral glass, genuine leather strap with butterfly clasp. Water resistant to 10 ATM.

What I like:

Overall- good looking watch, solid, with nice details. Wears smaller than 42 mm sounds. Could be a good daily allrounder

The case- the sandblasted finish is really nice, crown (not screwed in) protection is good, has a quality feel

The face- matter of fact, time at a glance, nicely spaced and sized indices and numerals. Unfussed, almost sombre ..if it weren't for the splashes of red which add just the right amount of interest.

The strap- love the way it's curved into the case and how thick it is at the lugs. Nice contrast stitching, solid strap that looks as if it will take some wear.
The butterfly clasp was one of the reasons why I bought this ...I hate the way normal buckles bend your straps.

The little details - love the crown with logo, the clasp with logo, the Komandirskie name on the inside of the strap and the back of the case.

What could be better:

The lume- while it does have lume, it's not as strong as you would hope. The hands are big, so are the numerals but all you get at night is a bit of a glow that doesn't last very long

The date window- not high enough by about 0.2 mm ...cuts off the top of the numbers

The butterfly clasp- it's a size too small for my wrist, the radius doesn't quite match so you have to wear the strap one hole wider than you might want to. But most of all it has terribly sharp edges that get uncomfortable and irritating after a while on the wrist. I gave it a once-over with an emery board and it's fine now

I would buy again

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Are these the Vostok Europes that commemorate some Russian accomplishment on the back, like Sputnik, Arktika, ...?

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No, these are Vostok , where Vostok Europe get some of their movements from

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hmmm ...that didn't last too long

As of today I can hear and feel something loose (probably a screw) rolling around inside the watch.

The watch is still running though

I've written to the seller ...lets see what happens.

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