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So earlier I packed up the two kiddos and headed up to my friend, she's just had a new baby. I spent two hours there and the whole time a dog was barking, this dog is tied to a tree in front of her house during the day, surely that's not legal?! Anyway has rang the dogwarden and nothing happened so far, I feel so sorry for her, she has had to move the baby into the back but baby is not settling and I'd say this could be part of it. It's so cruel, he's a lovely chap but just going insane at being tied up all day. Any advice?


Who owns this dog ?

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Not her anyway! She seems to think they must be new people but he left there everyday for hours on end and she tries to see when they take him away but has yet to. It's odd but also cruel imo, on both the dog and neighbours.

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Have someone remove the dog, then rehome to a good home.


You know what i would do.. i would just take the dog to my garden or even house and left note at that tree saying " collect your dog at number .." and i would talk to those crazy people...

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I lvoe dogs but this one seems bonkers so I'll not be going near it. Her hubbie wouldn't even try lasttime he was home from working away. I think if we videoed him and sent it to dog warden perhaps?

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Have a read thru the above thread and you might get some ideas. I would talk to the neighbours first and explain that their dog is nucance barking, if no joy with this I would take the next step. If the dog has shelter and water there is nothing really the dog warden can do I'm afraid. You would prob have to get onto the council.


Dog Warden

The City Council provides a Dog Warden and a Dog Pound in Ballybane off the Tuam road.
The Dog Warden

  • Checks dog licenses
  • Investigates complaints about dangerous and uncontrolled dogs`
  • Operates the dog pound
The Dog Warden is available at the pound:
Monday - Friday
9:30- 10:30 and 16:00 - 17:00
Contact the Dog Warden:
091 757094 091 757094
Dogs may be purchased from the pound for €25, with a rebate of €15 if the dog is neutered.
There is a basic charge of €10 plus €4/day to recover impounded dogs.
Dogs may be put down for a fee of €20.
Impounded dogs are kept for 8 days and may then be put down.
Dog Barking

Dog owners should note that excessive barking which causes a nuisance to any person is an offence.

Print this and stick to the tree ...

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where exactly is the dog? is he on private property?
from your post, it sounds like he is tied to a tree on a green or something?
If he's in a public area, I think something can be done.

Yes. it is very unfair to anyone in the neighbourhood and extremely cruel to the dog. Try to find out who owns the dog. There are laws in place to protect people in cases like this, I know of a case where a man was fined because of his dogs constant barking as it was a "public nuisance", much like if you had neighbours playing loud music all the time.

I know it probably won't mean much to you or your friend but please take into consideration that it's not the dogs fault, it's stupid irresponsible owners.
And no, I wouldn't advise you to go near him if you don't feel it's safe to do so. The isolation and confinement could well make the poor guy scared and threatened and in turn he could be aggressive.

Suss out who the owners are and get to know their routine with the dog. Get your friend to make a log of when he is put out and how long he is left there if she can.
Maybe contact they gardai and ask what they would advise.

See if the dog has a name tag. If he has no tag and is tied up on public property, he could well be seen as an abandoned dog in which case a local rescue shelter could interevene.

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Dog barking? That's rough...

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Dog megathread? As a person of Galway, I just don't understand dogs.

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Galway -> Animals

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