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This is a guide to the most commonly used additions to your posts to help add content or other extra options. It covers:

  • Problematic posts
  • The use of BBcode tags
    • Embedding Youtube videos
    • Spoiler tags
    • Multi quoting
    Posting as a guest or anonymouslyThread and post of the dayThanking a postPost count and restrictionsPolls, After Hours restrictions, test postsBeyond the normal forums i.e. private and hostedSpecial case forums

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to add them.

Problematic posts
If you believe a post warrants a mods attention, be it spam, abuse, off topic etc, then use the report post button present on every post. This will send an automated alert to every mod of the forum involved. Mods most likely won't provide any feedback to you as this would generate an undue workload, mods are unpaid volunteers after all. Mods may also not act immediately, they have their own lives to lead, jobs to work etc, so don't be impatient.


Boards.ie uses the standard BBCode common to all Vbulletin forums around the net. This allows you to add tags around text to manipulate them, i.e. put (Invalid img) tags around a picture link to make it display the image instead of the text.

You can see the full list of BBCode options here:


In the editor that's used when posting, you'll see various buttons to add the tags around the test for you, or you can add them manually.

The simplest way is to simply press the Youtube button which will prompt you for the link.

Or you can add the tags manually and due to recent work by new tech staff, the youtube tags should now work when wrapped around an entire Youtube URL.

So http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrNK1Rm3r6I

becomes [youtube]jrNK1Rm3r6I[/youtube]

and produces:

Note that the http:// part is required. This only works with links using the full www.youtube.com domain, not their other variants such as youtu.be.

Alternately you can use the video ID which appears in the URL after v=, so in this case it's jrNK1Rm3r6I, which gives [youtube]jrNK1Rm3r6I[/youtube]

In the case of youtu.be links they appear as youtu.be/videoidhere.

We can also expand on this, by adding the start variable in seconds, to make the video start at a specific time.


Spoiler tags

It's possible to temporarily hide text in a spoiler tags to help avoid unintentionally revealing a plot/twist/ending of something.

Spoiler (Show)

Select the text with your mouse and you can read it.

Spoiler: as you can see here


With every post there'll also be a multiquote button, to the right of the normal quote button.

You can select multiple posts in a thread, and when you press reply, it'll quote all of them at once, rather than the single post used by the normal quote button.


The [table][tr][td]and[/td][/tr][/table] tags can be used to insert formatted tables into posts.




Each entry is separated by a divider |, and a new line becomes a new line in the table.

Posting as a guest or anonymously

It's possible to post anonymously in the following list of forums:

To do so, first log out of boards.ie. Go to the forum in question and press the new thread/post reply option. You'll be given prompts to follow. Please note that anon posts are pre-moderated and may not appear immediately.

Thread of the day

The Thread of the Day is chosen randomly from the new threads started on that day.

Post of the day

The Post of the Day is the post that received the most thanks that day. You'll also know if a post made Post of the Day as there'll be a thanks from an account named simply "boards.ie".

Thanking a post

To thank a post, to show your support/approval/gratitude etc, you can press the thanks button on the lower right of the post

Post count
In its simplest form, your post count is simply your number of posts, and each one increase the count by one. However not all forums count towards this, as a precaution to avoid people using those forums to artificially boost their post count. Examples are the Thunder Dome and the Cuckoos Nest.

Post count based restrictions
As an anti-spam measure, certain options are limited to a minimum number of posts,

Signatures: 50
Posting a link: 5 posts and signed up for 24 hours or more.

Don't post rubbish or spam for the purpose of upping your post count to meet these conditions, your posts will be removed and your account probably banned. The same applies for appending a faked signature.

Posts in these forums don't count towards your post count:

  • Recycle Bin
  • Prison
  • Test
  • Soccer Access Requests
  • The Cuckoo's Nest
  • The Thunderdome
  • Puzzles & Quizzes
  • Reported Posts
  • FlirTar
  • Creative Writing


How can I add a poll to a thread?
Once you've created a thread you can edit your post to add the poll options.

Testing these out

Where can I test these out?

We have a test forum here:


where you can experiment and try things out safely.

Posting beyond the normal forums:

Hosted forums:

Hosted forums are otherwise separate forums given a home on the boards.ie infrastructure. They have their own mods, called hosted moderators, separate from the normal moderators.

You can see the list of them here:


Private Forums:

Private forums are just that: private. Access is purely at the discretion of the mods in question and can be removed or granted as and why they see fit.

Special cases

  • Prison
  • Posting in prison is limited to those who are banned and to admins only.
  • Helpdesk
  • Anyone can start a thread and anyone can reply, but all replies are pre-moderated, so either the Helpdesk mods or admins can approve them.
  • Soccer
  • Soccer can be read by everyone, but permission to post is only granted on application. The rules and application forum are here:http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showt...p?t=2055637888
  • Sex and Sexuality
  • Currently this is restricted to subscribers and mods only.

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