If i get a very high mobile phone bill and dont pay it what happens?

I have heard of a couple of cases where people didnt bother paying their bill and then began receiving letters from the mobile provider but they ignored these letters and now they dont receive them any more, any truth to this, or anyone had similiar experience?

NuMarvel Registered User

The worst case scenario would be that the provider refers it to a debt collection agency, and/or you're eventually brought to court. If the court rules against you that can affect your credit rating.

(That's obviously a very lay man's summary of what could happen. I'm sure it's more indepth than that so don't take that as gospel.)

How likely that the provider will do this will depend on how much is outstanding and their own internal procedures. I read a thread on the Vodafone forum the other day about someone getting a debt collection agency letter over €12!

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srsly78 Registered User

If it's a ludicrous bill because of data charges (I got a 19 grand bill) they will cap it at e50+vat, there are EU regulations about this I believe. If it's because of calls then this doesn't apply.


Cheers thanks for that, must tell one of my friends, he got a bill for €550 because of data charges

Captain Morgan Registered User

Iirc isn't it only capped if roaming?

What network is you friend with? Sometimes they will be decent on the phone if you ring and explain they might reduce it for you.

hartnett_mark Registered User

Read what exactly is in contract which you signed and you will now.

srsly78 Registered User

All I can say is that meteor reduced my e19000 bill to e50+vat. There was no international roaming involved.

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I am with O2 so i wouldnt hold my breath that they will be helpful in any way

Captain Morgan Registered User

srsly78 said:
All I can say is that meteor reduced my e19000 bill to e50+vat. There was no international roaming involved.

Well afaik the law brought in by the EU caps roaming data only. As I said in my post above the networks will generally lower the amount you owe them if there is a crazy bill but afaik they are not obliged by law.

How much data did you use to get a 19grand bill?

srsly78 Registered User

I had used 9GB, and had paid for 10GB addon. The catch was I had signed up in middle of billing period, so only really had 5gb allowance. This was last year, they have changed their pricing to be less insane now (still insane if you go over tho).


globemaster1986 Registered User

The EU legislation and the €50 ex VAT cap on data roaming only applies to roaming within the EU, outside of that you are on your own! If it is a first time, contacvt your provider and tell them you were not aware of the cost etc etc. Most operators will be decent about it and probably knock of 80-90% of it for a first time! If you have done it before, well tough, should have been aware of the charges which is a fair point!

Also with the EU roaming cap some operators (O2 i know for sure) will text you when u reach this (data has been cut off), advise you of the charges and will advise to text back a keyword to remove the bar, if you did this, your own fault i'm afraid

ardmacha Registered User

Of course it would never occur to our useless regulator to require a similar text message for bills incurred internally. Any EU measure of this sort should be reflected within Ireland immediately.

KrisW Registered User

Just remember, your data roaming charges are capped only within the EU! If you go to the States and use data, you can still be hosed.

Also, watch out for the mobile service they provide on the ferry. That's run by a Norwegian consortium, so it's not covered by the cap.

On the OP, if you don't pay your bill, they'll usually refer you to a collections company. Not paying your bills is not a criminal offence, though, except for the special case of not paying any bills the Government sends you ("It's good to be king", indeed).

If you've a dispute, ignoring the bill is not the way to go about resolving it. They could bring you to court, and your refusal to pay at all wouldn't look great.

Write to them (keep copies), explaining why you think the bill is too high, and always offer them an alternative way of you paying it (e.g. an extra €10 a month in future until it's all gone).

Finally, if this is question was because you're in trouble, have a look at http://mabs.ie/. They've a free advice line too.

krudler Registered User

depends on what "very high" is, if its a few hundred and your account gets cancelled you can arrange a payment plan over x amount of weeks for an amount they'll agree to write off the account for

duffelox Registered User

If you have an outstanding bill with vodafone and they have cut you off completely, is it possible to change networks (say O2) to a credit phone while keeping your original number??

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