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Hi guys Im heading to Cape Cod for the summer with a friend, Basically Im I have a few questions and any one who has been or is going I would love to get some answers.

1. Where is the best place in Cape Cod to Look for jobs, its a big enough place and Im not sure which town is best to locate too (I have heard Hyannis is the biggest)

2. What is the best way to travel around Cape Cod, would we need a car or is there good enough public transport (It would be a bit of hassle trying to purchase a car)

3. Where is the best place to look for jobs and accommodation I have no idea where would be the best place to look for summer work, I assume Hyannis would be one of the places just based on size but I could be wrong.

And if anyone else is heading there let me know if your interested in sharing accommodation, there is two of us both lads and from Limerick heading over on the 26th May.

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doe anyone know or have any advice on Cape Cod????

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Hey, just got back from cape cod last week. I go there quite a bit as my gf folks have a house there.

First off you will need a car, its the only way to get around.

I stay in Brewster just down from Hyannis, it's a smaller town. I would try the hotels all around the place, Provincetown and chatam etc. Provincetown is the gay capital and is really good fun and there are allot of bars. Don't worry loads of chicks too.

I seen a few lads who work in Oceans Edge (hotel) having a apuck around when I was over so you wont be the only paddy working there.

Have a good one, if you are in Brewster head to the wood shed for beers.

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went to the Cape last Summer, I'm pure jealous youre going,was the best Summer of my life

Anyway, the best place to try and be close to would be Hyannis-its really not that big at the end of the day. A good idea may be to rent somewhere a little outside of town like Yarmouth and then travel to and from the town centre whenever you want to. Rent is often a litttle cheaper on the outskirts of the town.

You shouldn't have much trouble getting jobs unless things have changed dramatically in the last few months. Everyone I knew out there got work of some kind-just spend your first few days there going everywhere you can think of and enquire about jobs. Check ot all the pubs, restaurants, and boats down by the harbour in Hyannis itself and you should fall into a job easy enough. Sometimes craigslist is worth a look and theres usually jobs going at the carparks down by the harbour aswell if ye wanna look into that-though I haven't worked there myself so I cant comment on if theyre actually decent or not.

Transportation? It might sound daft but cycling is the only way to go. Theres a secondhand bike place in Hyannis that sells em, everybody knows abour it so its easy to find. Some of the bikes are a bit dodge/ held together by rust, but theyre cheap and its only for a few months so...

Best of luck

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There is a bus service in CC but I've never used it:
I was there last weekend for Memorial Day, it was much busier than normal which is a good sign. Hyannis is the biggest town so try your luck there first.

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Hi guys,
There are 4 of us heading to Cape Cod in August, not for work just for play !
We are 40ish so not students by any stretch but we still like a good time, variety of bars, live music etc. Where would you guys reccommend we stay ? Falmouth seems popular but it seems a family place, (we are not bringing any kids). I definately fancy a look at Provincetown but wondering would we actually stay there or just head up one night ? Any advice appreciated. thanks,

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With regards Provincetown I've been told by a buddy of mine that it's 'fabulous'. If you get what I'm saying

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Hi heading to Hyannis/Cape cod on a j1 and any info on accommodation /jobs would be v appreciated

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HaloThere said:
Hi heading to Hyannis/Cape cod on a j1 and any info on accommodation /jobs would be v appreciated

went 2 years ago, take a look at the old Irish village in West Yarmouth if it still exists, the year I was there took in loads of Irish J1ers and Russian J1ers, its an old hotel (their is a new Irish village further out from Hyannis thats a hotel) the rooms are pretty cheap and there are barbecues free use, TV in each room and fridge in each room, with working bathrooms.

In terms of jobs it depends what you want to do, but I suggest looking for a job straight away, loads of Irish take up jobs really fast around the Cape. If your into house painting or landscaping take a look for those jobs they pay well around 10-15 dollars an hour cash in hand most of them, and not many Irish go looking for those jobs, they tend to focus on bar work.

I had no clue how to paint before I went to the cape, just bluffed to the employer got taken on and spent the summer painting in the sun and getting 13 dollars an hour cash in hand, good money.

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Caliden said:
With regards Provincetown I've been told by a buddy of mine that it's 'fabulous'. If you get what I'm saying

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the place is as straight as a roundabout hahahahaha

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Just to say to anyone that is going to Hyannis or West Yarmouth (the 2 are basically connected by housing estates) nearly all J1ers get around by bicycle, there are a few bike shops that sell off real cheap bikes, and will buy them back at the end of your summer (not for a lot, but its something).

The bus station in Hyannis is constantly running buses between Hyannis and Boston all day so easy enough to get a full day in Boston and then get back out the Cape in the late evening. There are also buses that run out to the outer Cape to places like Province Town. 2 buses go, a direct one and one that makes stops, I made the mistake of jumping onto the stop taking bus and it took nearly 3 hours to get to the outer cape, complete waste of time, better off spending a little extra and getting the direct bus out there.

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Just wondering where would be the best town to go on a J1 to in Cape Cod?? and what are accomodation prices like?

oldspice Registered User

how many of ye are heading out?
There's 5 of us (all lads from UL) looking for people to share with, were thinking Hyannis or very close to it.

HaloThere Registered User

hyannis....accomadation is dear 120 ish a week and police are EXTREMELY strict

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Hey, Me and my Girlfriend are looking into going to cape for the summer, haven't looked into it too much yet thought this would be the best place to get some real info? Where to go/live? Jobs? Social? Visa?
Anything will help,

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