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Jamestown is out now on Steam.

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not quite sure on the graphics style - seems very Zelda-ish ?

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It's definitely a little different from the Cave graphical style, not necessarily a bad thing for me at least.

I haven't played it yet but will download it later, it's less than £7 and have read a lot of positive things about it. Have also heard about some technical issues and glitches etc but the developers have said a patch is coming.

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Wow, looks interesting. First thing that came to mind when I saw it visually was Demon Front. Must have a similar colour palette or something.

Anyway, this is yet another reason why I hate Steam. I'd love a physical copy of this.


Saw that Jamestown somewhere before. Assembler maybe or

Reminds me, I really want to start getting in to Doujin titles. Crimson Clover and Tohou are immediate titles I'd like to swipe.

By the way, I feel I must put out an APB for the D2 area. If you see a copy of Space Invaders Anniversary for PS2 lying in a skip, it's mine. I think the cleaner in my office threw the envelope I left it in out in the trash the other night and it's gone.

A reward of €1.48 and a non-threatening yet equally mature and respectable 'homme aux homme' pat on the back is waiting for the person that retrieves it!


...talking of Doujin.


So, i'm in Dublin airport on my iPad (since when did DUB have free wifi?) awaiting my flight. Be forewarned that in a few days from now I shall be importing with me a suitcase FILLED with SHMUP PORN.*

Consider yourselves forewarned!

*yes o1s1n that does include my Namco stick.

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Pyongyang said:

*yes o1s1n that does include my Namco stick.

When is your flight back? Don't be suprised if you see me at customs confiscating that from you


o1s1n said:
When is your flight back? Don't be suprised if you see me at customs confiscating that from you

Too late! I've arrived home and it's currently snuggled in on my shelf in between my Hori and my Green Goblin. Splendid!

Pics of the entire haul will be coming up this week. Maybe a YT video actually as I've quite a bit of stuff to go through (and a few more bits still in the mail from .jp!).

Stay tuned...

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Pyongyang said:
(and a few more bits still in the mail from .jp!) of which landed on my desk this morning. Surprisingly speedy delivery from Japan too. Very pleased!

I think a YT video would be fun to go through everything, I'll try and record one this week (preferably when the good woman has gone out for the night so I don't feel weird and stupid taking snaps of my stuff and speaking Geekrish at my camcorder).

When I get my 'surgically enhanced' PAL PS2 and 'surgically enhanced' NTSC PS1 back from forum favourite (and all-round 'good chap') docentore tonight I can play test and record some footage.

Rather excited to be cataloging the first proper steps in to my SHMUP investment collection. You'll probably think what I've bought is all very standard fare but it's a start!

Looking forward to sharing the haul with you lot later this week. Stay tuned...


Some cool titles I picked up from the App Store last night.

Links for those who wander the grounds of Steve Job's walled garden (Sky Force is also available on Android):

rRootage Online HD

Fast Striker


Sky Force Reloaded

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it was inevitable !

DeathSmiles for iOS

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That actually looks fantastic. Not only are you getting the standard game but also a new mode, a new character, new score, powerups etc. Well worth the purchase I think!

Wish they'd announce the release date and I hope it'll be iPad-friendly.

johnny_ultimate Production Model EVA-02

IPhone stuff looks interesting - some new ideas in there (Treasure!). Impressed at some of the tech Iphones can handle these days.

I really want to upgrade to a device capable of handling Cave shooters. Obviously with a joystick in hand is still the idea way to play, but some sort of bullet hell would make bus journeys that bit more enjoyable

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could be good!

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