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just looking for some advice and a few tips.

I have a 4m MF 30 drill, this is the second year that we've had it here for use. She's in good order, and all going well.

I know parts are hard to get for these, so I need to look after it.

I'm looking for advice on storing the drill. For example, when we have finished sowing, we always clean out the left over grain, clean out all the fertilizer, and then power wash it down. All the tubes are then left hanging straight down, i.e. we pull them all out of the boots at the coulter and leave them dangling.

But what else can I do? Is there some way of keeping the grain/fert tank in good order? Someone mentioned painting on old oil, but I'm worried that may clog things up next year. I'm particularily worried about the dispensing mechanism at the fert tank, as this may be prone o some serious corrosion.

Any advice much appreciated.


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can be bought in halfords or motor factors

just used it for the first time yesterday on the fert spreader.
supposed to be very good on crop sprayers too.


We've a massey 30 parked in the shed, more for sentimental value,. Still does bout 20-30 acre a years to keep it working though.
Take of anything rubber/incontact with fert/grain steep in water, then just store somewhere safe
open out metering unit and wash machine then leave a day or two to dry, then grease everything drive water out of bearings etc
use the spray gun on the compressor to give a light coat of oil
put inserts back in that's about it realy,
has worked for as many years as i can remember.
Tis great craic up on the back when your finishing off, trying to keep seed/fert to all the outlets

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