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This forum facilitates the sale and exchange of cycling-related items within the boards cycling community.

This is a free service, and with that in mind, we only accept adverts complying with some rules. These rules are in addition to the general rules of, and the cycling forum Charter. Adverts found to be outside those parameters are liable to be deleted:

No Duplication – do not put an ad up have if you have it for sale elsewhere (for the avoidance of doubt this includes You may post a link to the advert in the "External adverts thread" by following the instructions set out in the OP of that thread but in no other area of the sub forum.

Links – Do not post links to ad placed elsewhere (unless in the specific "external adverts thread", and do not place a link in the main forum to your ad here.

All discussions to take place in-thread – NO OFF-THREAD DEALING - to keep everything completely above board, and visible to all interested parties, all discussions and/or negotiations must take place in-thread. In particular there should be no PM discussion/dealing. The first person to offer the asking price in-thread gets it. The offer may be “subject to inspection”, but that can be the only caveat. In these circumstances it is permissible to exchange contact details via PM to arrange inspection. Once the inspection has been undertaken the relevant thread must be updated to confirm whether the sale is going ahead.

Do not include any phone numbers or email addresses in the thread - This will be seen as an invitation to deal off-thread, and may result in an infraction.

Bumping – we realise it is tempting to bump you ad to the top of the first page to get more exposure, but this is unfair to other posters. Any posts that are not actively contributing to the discussion on the item in question are likely to be deleted. If your ad is not attracting the interest you were hoping for, drop the price – that will get your ad to the top of the page, and may attract more interest (don’t just drop it by a nominal amount though as this will be considered bumping).

Re-posting – if you re-post an item that you have already posted this will be considered equivalent to bumping.

Asking price rules
* Whoever offers the Asking price first gets first refusal.
* The Asking price is the last price that the Seller has requested for the item.
* After the Asking price is met, no user may offer "beyond" this; they may, however, continue to offer that Asking price in case that the first to offer drops out.

Forbidden items - No illegal, stolen, pirated/fake goods. All adverts must be for bikes, bike components or bike accessories (including cycling clothing)

No commercial selling – do not make a profit from its users; neither will any other company. If you wish to engage in commercial interaction, please contact The Consumer Information Advertisements Disclosure of Business Interests Order 1984 (Republic of Ireland) requires all advertisements from persons selling goods in the course of a business to make that fact clear. This requirement applies whether the advertiser is acting on his own behalf or for some other person in the course of whose business goods are to be sold.

No "dealers" of any kind - if you purchase any items in quantity, with the sole intent of bringing them here to resell, you are a dealer, by our definition.

Stay on-topic – these threads are for the sale and purchase of cycling-related goods, not for general chit-chat

Inactive adverts – we appreciate that some ads have no activity for an extended period, and it is possible that a poster may come along at a later date to make an offer, or ask if an item is still for sale. With this in mind, we will accept that if there has been no posts in a “For Sale” thread for over 4 weeks posters may assume the item is no longer for sale. However this does not mean the seller can simply wait 4 weeks and then advertise it elsewhere (such as on – if you wish to do this please PM one of the mods and we will close the thread before you place an alternative advert.

Withdrawing an advert – you may withdraw an advert at any time by making a post to that effect in the thread.

Items for exchange and mechanic adverts – there are specific stickied threads you must use – do not start any new threads for these.

General – all communication must be in English - is an English language speaking site. If you posts/comments are in another language they may be deleted. This is to facilitate the vast majority of our userbase and our moderators.

* accepts no responsibility for any transactions resulting from adverts placed here
* Caveat emptor - buyer (and seller) beware

Serious or repeated breaches of these rules can be expected to result in a permanent ban from the sub-forum

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Beasty Mods > Rockers

You must include the following:

Thread Title – include “FS” or “wanted” to make it clear which category it falls into.

Selling price – state the price you will accept for the item – if someone offers this price you must honour the sale

Other information
Basically, include as much information as possible. Try and inform the Buyers/Sellers what exactly you want to buy/sell, including:

* The name of the item
* Make and model (if possible)
* A good description of it, including the condition it is in - to include frame size and year of manufacture
* A photo of the item in question, or a link to the manufacturer's website showing the item if possible
* For wanted ads give an indication of the price range you are prepared to pay

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Beasty Mods > Rockers

Following on from this thread the following additional rules will apply to all posts made on or after 1 October 2011:

"Totting-up" of minor offences

- where infringements are of a more “technical” nature (such as posting stuff advertised elsewhere, posting e-mail addresses, bumping or inviting posters to discuss the item off-thread).

1st offence – yellow card
2nd offence – red card
3rd offence – 1 month ban from the adverts sub-forum
4th offence – permanent ban from the adverts sub-forum

For the purpose of totting up, offences will drop off a poster’s “record” after 12 months

If your initial ad does not comply with the listing rules, it will be deleted in addition to the poster receiving the relevant card/ban shown above

Selling anything for someone else - you must have permission from one of the mods to do this

Timewasters - When an offer is made we expect you to follow through unless it's subject to inspection. If you ask to be placed second, third or anywhere else in line and your number comes up for whatever reason again we expect you to honour this, unless you have withdrawn your offer in-thread in the meantime. Anyone not honouring commitments in this way can expect sanctions

Beasty Mods > Rockers

Please note that any sale outside the forum is considered "off-thread dealing". If you want to sell something to a friend, you must withdraw it from here first. If you simply post "sold" in your thread when a sale has not clearly been agreed in-thread you can expect an infraction (or ban under the totting-up process)

Darkglasses I have the best words.

I have added a specific section regarding putting phone numbers and email addresses in the thread. It is seen as an invitation for off-thread dealing, and it is just extremely unwise to put these details in any public forum. Spammers and other unpleasant people collect these details.

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Beasty Mods > Rockers

Event entry requests/offers
Do not start any requests in the main forum requesting or offering entries for events such as the WW200, ROK, SKT etc. Do a search in the Cycling Adverts sub-forum. If no thread has alkready been started for a particular event in a particular year you may start one. A single thread should be used for all requests and offers for each event, with priority being given to the earliest poster who is seeking an entry

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