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Anyone know anyone that's gone completely 'off the grid'? Ever done it personally? (obviously if you post on boards the military-industrial complex has got you back, man)

Thinking of going off the grid for various reasons, prime amoung them being that I pissed off a lot of people lately, life-trolling y'all, and need to get the hell away from here and cover me tracks while I'm at it.

Anyone any advice of how to be a big hippy gay-lord how to live an old-fashioned analogue existence, preferably in the woods somewhere...

TeddyTedson Registered User

Move to leitrim.

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Live on a boat. I did it for a whole weekend. Some craic!

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Aoifey! Registered User

1. Get massive loan form the bank
2. Buy boat
3. Acquire good quality hooker
4. Bring boat to mysterious location nobody has ever heard of
5. ?????

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ardinn Registered User

Say hello to the BADGER!!!!!

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A friend of mine knows a hippy lad who lives alone completely self-sufficiently. Tends and eats his own crops, has a little well dug (bit dubious about that part as crusties are pretty averse to water), grows weed like it's nobody's business and even makes his own DMT!

Happy as a pig in ****e by all accounts.

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opr Registered User

Should give this a watch OP.


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KungPao Registered User

I'd love to do it.

I'd like to live like that old dude in Red Dead Redemption, who you collect the flowers for.

Just me and the missus in a hut, in the middle of nowhere.

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TeddyTedson Registered User

I'd love to do it. Live in space or something. I'd grow my own Vegg. Kill Spring lambs for food and clothes. Fish the sea. Make my own beer.
Get the bird pregnant for the sake of expanding the business.
A man can dream, much.

mink_man Banned

I remember there was some fella in Ireland who wrote a book about living in nature or something, he used to get up in the morning to chop his firewood, bathed in the local rivers and lived in a caravan, no electricity water or anything.

ArtyM Registered User

Try Tipperary, they are not expecting analog for another 10 years.

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mink_man Banned

watch this.

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my original plan as a child was when i'd retire i'd move to one of the more remote parts of america, that was covered in a forest, with a lake, where i could build a cabin log and live out my days fishing and hunting...

an encounter with the neighbours daughter a few years later made me wonder what the hell was i thinking back then!

hightower1 Registered User

Well you dont need to be isolated to go "off grid", Obviously you wanna get out of developed places, somewhere like one of the larger favelas in brazil are crowded and dont have cencus information. Next thing is obvious but no net , utility service, telephone etc.

You'll need money so a job is a must unless the reason your going off grid also netted you a nice nest egg (again thats a whole other issue as anyone will watch movement of the money to find you). Make sure the job is cash in hand, no union and short term. If you can then prostitution is a good source of revenue) Keep changing jobs but be smart, dont get notoriety.

Keep in mind, nothing familiar... the more you try keep close the more they have to use against you and find you. Keep your head down and keep moving.

Best of luck.

Buceph Registered User

Read the book on Christopher McCandless or watch the Sean Penn film Into the Wild.

Moral of the story is unless you're smart you could end up in trouble or dead, and you have to decide if that freedom is worth an early grave.

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