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I used to train in IP but am currently gymless. Going to copy over my log from IP’s forum so that all my training data is in one place.
I’m 25 year old male, 93kg and probably about 30% BF.
Not sure if the 93kg is exact as it’s a bathroom scales but it’s hopefully not too far off.
At the minute my training is mostly in back garden using kettlebells to get some IP type conditioning blocks done.
At the minute don’t really have a training plan, but that’s going to change shortly.

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Wednesday 17/11/10 - I12 C1

Prowler 6 pushes in ten mins with 90kg

Workblock 2 - 5 reps of each

Trap dead 60 kg
Inverted rows
Overhead Med ball throws

6 rounds completed in 15 mins

Workblock 3

Spider test- took 10 mins to complete 6 rounds with 30 seconds rest between each round

Workblock 4

Windmills 5 each hand 8 kg
Dumbbell bench bress 10kg 10 reps
Bent over dumbbell row 12.5 kg 10reps each arm

5 rounds completed in 15 minutes

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Friday 19/11/10 - I12 S2

Hang clean and press

Bar x 8 reps

30kg x 8 reps

35kg 5 x 5

Glute ham raise

Bodyweight 3 sets x 10 reps

Wall throws


Pull ups using grey band

3 reps then 2 reps
2 reps then 1 rep
2 rep then 1 rep
1 rep
1 rep
For the last two sets I was barely getting to the bar with even only one rep

Elevated push ups

4 x 8 (last two sets were horrible form)


3 sets 45 seconds, 40 seconds, 35 seconds

Plate extensions



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Monday 22/11/10 I12 C2

CB 1

Prowler 60kg push and carry two 24kg kettlebells – 7 sets in 10 mins
Workblock 1

Prisoner squats 10 reps
Push ups 10 reps
Pull Ups (both legs in a grey band) – 5,5,4,2,3
5 sets in 15 mins

CB 2

Same as CB1 5 sets in 10 mins, grip in my left hand went on last two sets

Workblock 2

Dumbbell Snatch 15kg – 5 each arm
Caterpillar – one length
Dumbbell Press 10kg – 10 reps
5 sets in 10 mins

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Tuesday 23/11/10


Bodyweight 94 kg, I was 91 last week when I did my first prowler!

Body Fat test: 245 or 255 mm can't remember which, circa 30 percent
Max BP 60kg
Pull ups 0
Push ups 4
Inverted rows 4
TB Dead 80kg
Spider test

Followed by I 12 S1

40kg 8 reps
50 kg 8 reps

70kg 5x5

Step ups

3x8reps each side - technique were better for these this time around I felt ie they were way tougher

Side bends
12.5kg 3x10 reps

Partial Barbell Press
Warm Up Regular Press
Just bar x 8reps
40kg x reps

Partial Press
60kg 5 reps
65kg 5
65kg 3
65kg 3 reps
60kg 5 reps

Inverted rows
5 x 8

Rounded back extensions
3 x 10

DB Curl
7.5kg 3 x10
Dropped the weight in the dumbbell curls because had really bad DOMS in my forearms last week and wanted to be able to do BJJ tomorrow night.

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Thursday 24/11/10 I12 C1

Just did first half of C1 as I had a tutorial to get to this morning.

Prowler 90kg 8 pushes in 10 mins

Workblock 1

Trap bar deadlift 5 reps 60 kgs
Inverted rows x 5
Med ball overhead throws x 5

5 rounds in 15 mins

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First session in two weeks due to a cold that I couldn't shake the first week and then the roads for the second.

C1 IProgram13

Warm Up

X Band Walks
Scap Push Ups
Over Unders
Face Pulls
Hurdle Steps
Inverted Row Scap Pulls
Quad Walks

2 rounds

10' conditioning block - Prowler 60kg 12 pushes

15' workblock

Box Jumps x 5
Floor Press 12.5kg DBs x 5
Unsupported rows 15kg x 5
8 rounds

10' conditioning block - prolwer 70kg - 9 pushes

15' workblock

potato sack squat 32kg kettlebell x 5
Swiss bar bench press 40kg x5
Pulls ups (two feet in one grey band) x5

7 rounds

For the pulls ups i got 5,5,5,5,4,4,3

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Weds 8/12/10

BJJ (GI) Evening Class

Covered attacks from mount for an hour

Then about an hour for rolling, so two hours of BJJ in total

Thurs 9/12/10

BJJ (GI) Morning class

About an hour of rolling with Barry and he went through some of the attacks from Weds evenings class.

BJJ (No GI) Evening Class

Found the warm up very tough, not sure if this was because I trained already that morning or because it was tough.

Over an hour of drilling maintaining side control.

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Friday 10/12/10

S1 I13

Two rounds of warm up

Box Squat

Warmed up with Bar x 12, 30x12, 40x12

50kg 5x5

Single leg deadlift

10kg dumbbell 4x8

Found it very hard to get all the way down in the early sets.

Russian Twists

16kg KB 3 x20

Chin ups

Warmed up with two legs in the grey band 2x8

5 sets with one foot in grey band with 4 reps in each set.

Couldn't get the fifth rep on any of the sets.

Speed Bench Press

Warm Up Bar x 12, 30kg 2x5

40kg 8 x 3 a minute rest between each set. Really easy for first four or five sets, last couple were tough.

45Degree Back Extension

3 x12

Seated Dumbbell cleans

Warmed up with 5kg DBs 1 x 10

7.5kg DBS 4x10

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Monday 13/12/10

S1 I13

2 rounds of warm up

Speed Deads

Warmed up with 40kg

60kg 8x3 with a minute recovery between each set. don't think I wasn't going fast enough on these when coming up from the bottom but my back was rounding when I tried to go faster.

Elevated split squats

4 x 8 reps each side - HELL

Hanging Leg Raise

3 x 10 reps. Each set was broken up into reps of 3 or 4 as the Tendonitis kicked up big time in my hands. Not sure if this is because of the cold or because I done deadlifting before hand. First time that the Tendonitis has effected me since I started to train in IP.

Bench Press

Warmed up with bar x 10 then 30kg x 10

40kg x 5
45kg x 2x5
50kg x 2x5 last couple of reps of this set were tough

DB Unsupported rows

15kg DBs 4 x10 reps each side, really felt this on my rear delt rather than my lats.

Plate shifting

USed 2 2.5kg plates and 2 5kg plates

3 sets of 60 seconds with a 60 second reccovery between each

Rolling tricep extensions

7.5kg DBs 4 x10 reps
Tried 10kg for the second set but felt they were too heavy after 3 reps.

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Weds 16/12/10

Half of C2 I13

Only did half as only had a few mins between my two tutorials.

Two rounds of IP warm up

Prowler 10' block

110kg 2 pushes

dropped down as those 2 pushes killed me

4 more pushes at 90kg

Strength block 15'

Reverse lunges with 10kg
push ups 5
pull ups 5 with both legs in grey band

only got 4 rounds

the push ups slowed me down loads. Got 5 in the first two rounds, after that had to stop after every rep and reset as I was just getting stuck at the bottom.

By far the worst session I've put in, reckon this is a combination of the lack of sleep over last few nights and also bad doms from the strenth session on Monday.

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Did C1 (well as much as I could with no equipment)

10' of pushing car up and down driveway. The initial push was much heavier than the prowler but after that momentum took over each time and made it easy.

15' workblock of box jumps (using the bench as the box); 10kg dbell floor press; and 16kg kbell one arm unsupported rows. 5 of each and 6 rounds

10' - back to pushing the car. Did 10 lengths in the 10 mins. Took about 45 seconds to do a length each time.

15' 5 pullups (using a couple of bands that were available); 40kg bbell bench press; 16kg kbbell potato sack squat (heaviest kbell available). 5 of each and 5 rounds

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BJJ No - Gi morning class

Covered flower sweep and the armbar which flows from the defence.

Don't have to commute up and back to IP for next few weeks so hopefully I'll get a lot more training in.

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Did I13 S1 yesterday

3 rounds of warm up

Box Squats

Warmed up with Bar x12 30 x8
50kg 4sets x 5reps
55kg 1x 5

The last set at 50 didn't feel too taxing so I moved up but today I'm barely able to walk the DOms in my quads and hamstrings are that bad!!

Single Leg Deadlift

10kg dumbbell 4sets x 8 reps

Russian Kbell twist

16kg 3x 20

Chin Ups

2 Warm up sets with both legs in the band

5 x5 with one leg in grey band

Speed Bench Press

Warmed up with bar x 12, 30kg 2x5

40kg 8 x 3

45degree back extension

3 x 12

Seated power cleans

5kg dumbbells 4 x10 dropped weight in these because the doms were pretty bad after the last session for a few days and I wanted to get a BJJ session in today which the doms in my legs ended up stopping me from doing anyway.

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January 18 I13 S2

3 rounds of IP warm up

Speed Deads
60kg 8 x 3

Elevated Split Squats 4 x 8

Bench Press
40kg x 5
45kg x 5
50kg 3 x 5

DB Unsupported Rows
15kg DB 4 x 10

Plate Shifting
60 seconds, 50 seconds, 40 seconds with a minute recovery between each

Rolling tricep extensions

5kg 4 x10 – dropped down because triceps were killing me after the last time.

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