cfuserkildare Registered User

Hi all,
Here I have 2 sniper rifles for sale and 1 Mac 11,
1st sniper is V. good condition ASG L96 no scope but spare mag and bipod firing 0.97j for €125.
2nd sniper is good condition AGM L96 no scope but spare mag and good bipod €110 firing 0.8J.
Mac 11, what can I say very cool, 20 rps 0.8J only issue is standard Mac 11 issue, must use the biggest BBS you can buy ie ICS or Kings Arms has built in sliding stock and mock silencer. €95.

Selling these as my home grown Sig 551 EB DMR make the L96s redundant and 2 Dragons replacing the Mac.

(Would swap 1 rifle & Mac11 for an AK47s)

Dean O Registered User

any pics of the agm l96?

cfuserkildare Registered User

I Will try to get pics up tonight.

Dean O Registered User

could you put the asg pics aswell please?

cfuserkildare Registered User

Yeah cool, will try later.

Dean O Registered User


ronan keane Registered User

echo 1 asr for agm l96 or mac 11?

cfuserkildare Registered User

Not interested in another sniper, other-wise I wouldn't be selling mine.

cfuserkildare Registered User

Okaym 2049 & 2053 are AGM L96, 2054 & 2055 are ASG L96.
Let me know.

ciwi286 Registered User

Where are you based / How much would postage be on the ASG L96 ?


hi have you got any pics of that mac 10 is it made by asg

cfuserkildare Registered User

Hi, Ciwi286 I'm in Celbridge too big to post really but if you use the postage calculator posted at the start of this section the rifle weighs 4.5 kilos plus packing.
Hanged hitman will get pics up later its an HFC Mac11 A1.

ciwi286 Registered User

Alright, thanks. That does add a chunk on to the price. Sorry, I can't buy it right now.

Good luck with the sale.

facemelter Registered User

any interest in a shell ejecting cz75 as a trade ?

cfuserkildare Registered User

Not really looking for 1 of those, what I am looking for is an AK47 tactical doesn't need to be working as I only need a few bits from it (front grip, stock, mags) mags for a S&W 1911 PD or working Dragon.
May consider a vest that fits me also.

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