Hi All,

I intend to start a new business but I'm unsure about the whole alcohol licence issue. Ideally I would like to set up a gastro-pub type venture but the pub licence cost is prohibitive at this stage. I know I could apply for a wine licence or a full restaurant bar licence but this restricts the sale of alcohol to patrons who are eating food. Whilst this in itself is fine, I'm afraid that it might discourage a lot of people from coming into the place because they would have to buy food in order to have a drink. Does anyone have any ideas? Should I aim for the restaurant drinks licence to begin with and over time (hopefully) aim to have enough money to purchase a full pub licence?

A couple of other things; if I was to just lease the premises to another party is it up to me to fit it out in terms of say the commercial kitchen, interior etc?

I have planning permission for a premises to seat approx. 40 patrons. How much of the interior space do you think should be dedicated to the kitchen area e.g. 20%, 30%, 50%? The menu would be comprised of fairly simple, straight forward bar food meals...I think.

Thanks in advance for any advice. This is pretty urgent so I would greatly appreciate any helpful suggestions. I know quite a bit about pubs but very little about restaurants/cafes.

shayleon Registered User

Hi Tristan. I have the same questions you had in March.
I was wondering did you open your place, and how did you resolve the alcohol license issue.

Best regards.


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