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Hi folks , at the bottom of my garden there is a section of grass/weeds that I eventually want to put decking ( no money for it at the moment) , the rest of the garden is fine , nice grass and patio areas , but this area is overgrown and a mess , I want to get rid of the weeds and grass permanently , the area is approx. 8ft x 20ft , would anybody have any ideas how to do this on a very tight budget . Thanks in advance .

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simply spray this area with weed kileer (roundup, galloup), when weeds died completly remove them. then level ground, and cover with membrane (mypex). you can cover membrane with bark mulch or stones, and leave it untill you decide to put decking

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Thanks for the reply , how much roundup would be required in Your opinion for an area of this size , and is it available in most gardening centres

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sullzz said:
how much roundup would be required in Your opinion for an area of this size

A very tiny amount mixed with water for 8ft x 20ft area.

Roundup in a premixed can available in most garden shops & supermarkets would suit you best. Roundup costs about €29 for a litre or €53 for 5 litres - so its more ecomonmical to buy in large quantity. Its mixed with water.

Most Garden Centres, Hardware shops & DIY stores stock Roundup.

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Thanks RKQ , got Gallup yesterday €45 for 5 litres (not premixed) , going to give it a go later . Thanks a lot for your advice


To have a clear area, slash or strim, then poison, then turn the sod, break it up.

At about 80 cents per litre at Aldi, you could have made your own weed killer - sorry I did not see your post earlier.

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