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heinbloed said:

This is simply not true anymore.

While I don't disagree with your understanding of European Directives with regard to energy efficient heating etc., What I referred to when I said that the immersion element will be replaced in kind for the foreseeable future was the likelihood that the implementaion of those directives will be lax and that for most people the thought of having to upgrade from an immersion to a preheated Solar Panel setup, which may cost at least 30 times or more the cost of an immersion element, is unthinkable at the moment.

Also this is still off topic as it doesn't refer to the comparison of cost of heating a cylinder of water by gas or immersion (with existing equipment only )

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heinbloed said:

These statements- from the EU comission and from you- are contradicting, are contra-poductive. Your "future" won't be lasting for long anymore (smiley).

Yeah, good point Heinbloed.

Oh, looky here, there are some people on this thread talking about buying old Ford Fiestas, Corollas, etc.:

No one has even suggested investing in a new Prius!! Think you might have to go over there and set them straight.

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I totally agree, my posts on this thread are off-topic.

Trav described his observations concerning monetarian profits/expenditures in an existing DHW system, without changes in the technological set-up or consumer behaviour.

And my postings lead to a discussion what's feasible for the future.

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