eimsbgl Registered User

I'm doing music outside of my school for the lc and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on where I could find the irish essays??

oh and how long they should be?

Son of Jack Registered User

Have a look here;


Sorry don't know the timing.

On that link there is a book I use. This is the list of contents for Irish section


You might find some hint re timing here


I am going to learn off the thirty or so pages in the book on Irish music in order to do this section.

I am doing music outside school as well.

It seemed like a good idea at the time

BillabongMad Registered User

You can get really good quality notes on here

She's also doing a Revision day which I can guarantee you'll enjoy and find really helpful! Here you go.

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Son of Jack Registered User

Your post re timing on the essay got me thinking

I looked it up and you get 10 minutes for an essay.

eimsbgl Registered User

Thanks for that, hopefully they'll go okay now, not a big fan of paper 1..

Son of Jack Registered User


Thanks again Billabong. That course was fabulous. I feel so much more confident now

BillabongMad Registered User

No problem Son of Dork, I really enjoyed it myself actually aha. Her notes are so good. must. not. lose.

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