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Capt' said:

how long have remoras been around ?

I think the oldest are from the Eocene. Could be wrong tho...

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Alvin T. Grey Registered User

Kess73 said:
Some serious messing about with sizes going on in that pic if they are meant to be somewhat to scale.

Leedsichthys looks in the 80 foot range in that pic. All recent studies on it have put it in the 30 - 35 foot range with a few saying it may have had a maximum size of 50-55 foot.

The Archelon in the pic looks to be three or four times longer than the human, but the largest ever fossil remains were from a specimen estimated to be about 13 foot long.

That looks a lot like the 'Walking With...' series.
Wonder where they put the Liplurodon. Probably on the back because apparently it was freekin enormongus (yes. that is a word)

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Adam Khor Moderator

I'm telling you, the pic is from Chased by Sea Monsters, a Walking with Dinosaurs special. I have it on DVD

I guess a modern version would include Leviathan (I like the original spelling, ok?) probably fighting Megalodon. Now that fight I would like to see, unlike those stupid Animal Face Off-ish fights in History Channel...

BTW I found the other pic of the hyena scavenging a shark. (A big one, too).

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Crocs being eaten...

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Adam Khor Moderator

Capt' said:
Crocs being eaten...

The crocodile in the first pics wasn´t eaten, it was just killed If I well remember...
As for the one in the last pic, its a caiman not a crocodile, but I assume we're talking about crocodilians in general. :>

Here are some more.
Leopard vs Nile crocodile:

Jaguar vs caiman:

Tiger vs Mugger crocodile:

Seems that big cats usually have the upper hand over crocodilians... jaguars and tigers have even been known to kill them on the water (were crocs are most dangerous) and drag them to land to devour them.

Also, here's the uber-famous pic of the python that "exploded" after eating an American Alligator:

Saltwater croc eaten by another saltwater croc:

And finally, the famous pics of the "lionesses vs crocodile" battle, which the poor croc lost at the end:

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Rubecula Moderator

I seem to remeber a tv documentary that showed a single croc chasing away a whole pride of lions from a kill.

It must depend on the size of the croc and how hungry/desperate the combatants are at the time.

Galvasean Registered User

I remember that one too. In fairness, he was one HUGE croc.

I know this is art, but cool!

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Another croc

(probably Nile perch or similar)

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Adam Khor Moderator

Monstrous; If I found something like that in my canned fish I would probably go vegetarian XD

Could it be perhaps a Goliath tigerfish? That fish has monstrous teeth and is said to attack Nile crocodiles:

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Galvasean Registered User

^^ scary monster

Adam Khor Moderator

Not sure if this has been posted already, but:

This pic is based on fossils of crocodile dung that have shark tooth marks on them, which were seemingly made when the dung was still inside the crocodile (that is, the shark bit the crocodile and punctured its guts and the dung inside). The shark was a relative to tiger sharks.

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Rubecula Moderator

Good grief!

Galvasean Registered User

According to QI hippos drag sharks out of the water and then trample them to death

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