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Gonna log here for abuse purposes as everywhere else is either dead or american. Currently chasing a 200kg weightlifting total at around 86kg but tryin' to work around some shoulder related niggles and being a big pansy-faced uterus.

singles at 110-115-120-125-130-130-130(f)-130
left it there. dumped the third 130 behind me. Damn quadz.

60x1, 65x1, 70x1, 75x2, 80x1

Think the double at 75 is a pb. Got a bit hairy at 80. second time I've snatched in about six weeks so gotta be fairly happy with that. Shoulder is still a little hot, did all sorts of band related nonsense but it didn't help a whole lot.

Edit: pressin' 55kg x10 x7 x5, no failin' +1kg next time

Gotta remember to do this too.

Headin to ironside tomorrow to get hyooooge!

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Whats your current C+J?

Edwardius Moderator

100 bills, and it's been wedged there for months!

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Clean and jerked up to 85 for 5 singles. Jerk still a little ponderous.

Rolled out to Ironside then and did some circuit stuff with logs, yokes and farmers handles. Messed about with two man flips on the 900lb tyre and some log clean and presses. Also messed around with stones then and loaded up an 80kg. Couldn't lap the 100. Strange movement, I like it a lot though. Finished with some overhead yoke walks. Spent a good while rambling on about crap afterwards too! Great place.

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weekend lacked any front page worthy shenanigans so the carcass was in reasonable nick today.
Squatz, fives:
Some of these suckers looked a little SPF.

chins: one set of 14. Was goin for 20 but got a dose of the malaise so called it there.

Snatch: think i did two or three singles at 70. These were absolute gash today, it was like tryin to fly a helicopter on buckfast. Shoulder was not happy either.

Rack jerk:
Dunno where that came from. Sat the bar a bit further into the heel of the palm and was aggressive out of the rack. locked it out before I could think about how heavy it was.

Press 56kg:

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columok Registered User

It's PR week son!!!!

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Edwardius Moderator

columok said:
It's PR week son!!!!

****in right, I'm gonna go straight in and test my one rep max no-no-no weighted star jump tomorrow. Righteous.

Edwardius Moderator

right, snatched up to 78, not too bad, little sluggish though. Everything hurt during the warmup, wrists, knees elbows! Must've been teh inflammationz from that slice of bread I had last year.

Clean and jerked up to 90 for about 5 singles, cleans were easy but jerks went to hell, no pressouts but a little manky.

Squat: 125x3 and some singles and things at lower weights. Probably a limit set

Chins, max: hit 18. Gonna try once more for 20 on saturday and leave it for another while

Need to back off some things (and go to mcdonalds more)

columok Registered User

Dead Ed said:
right, snatched up to 78, not too bad, little sluggish though. Everything hurt during the warmup, wrists, knees elbows!

Do some banded preacher curls off the monolift

Edwardius Moderator

columok said:
Do some banded preacher curls off the monolift

I'm pretty sure I'd be murdered if I did that.

columok Registered User

Dead Ed said:
I'm pretty sure I'd be murdered if I did that.

Murdered or praised as a visionary. Maybe everyone else wants to do banded preacher curls off the monolift. But need someone to lead the way. You can be their Jesus/Moses/Muad'dib!

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Right, felt like a boiled ****e today. Was gonna work to openers for saturday (78/95) but got a bit carried away.

failed 78 about 5 times, made it in the end, upped it to 83 and succeeded on the 2nd attempt, failed 86 twice, close on the first but the left elbow bent a bit . Soft as hell off the floor, that has to be fixed pronto. Second attempt involved me pulling the thing, getting tired and sitting on the floor. Edit: forgot, Hang power snatch: 60x3, legs nearly straight on receipt

Clean and jerked up to 95, brought the grip out wider, which made the jerks a lot easier. Cleaned 100 but blacked out before the jerk so left it there.

was gonna go for a heavy single on the squat but had some sense talked into me. Did a fairly unremarkable single at 125 and some more at 110.

Chins: 11

press 60x3 (killin' time)

Should probably make some sort of training plan for after the nationals. Have some ideas anyway.

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columok Registered User

Comedy fails.


Edwardius Moderator

Right, lifted in the nationals yesterday. Was planning on competing at 85 but was 87 odd last monday, ditched creatine and carbs and loaded water until the night before, weighed in at 82.5, which is unacceptable!

warmed up early (again). Hit 75 in the warmup, dropped it down to 60 and worked back up. Missed the last warmup at 75 behind and had to get to the platform

78: good, 82: good, 86: missed behind, hadn't locked it out so it was basically too heavy.

No break between the snatch and the clean and jerk and only managed to warm up to 85 before getting called. Decided I was gonna power clean the attempts.

94 was easy so called for 98 which was a bastard of a power clean because I was knackered, jerk was ok though, called for 102 and had to squat clean it, pulled it high enough but was too slow under it and everything collapsed, the head wasn't in it at that stage anyway.

Totalled 180, which was 2kg below the last comp on december but I'm 8kg lighter now. The facilities in jordanstown are unbelievable, everything seemed to run smoothly and there were some serious lifts. The standard seems to be a lot higher this year too so I've a lot of work to do in order to hit what I deem to be a level of non-****ness (100/130 by the looks of things!). Need to push for 90/110 and gain some weight first though.

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Takin' a recovery/arsing around week. Just messed about today...

8 reps:
bent row
front squat
good morning

rest a few mins

did 30-40-50kg, stuck with the press then...

57kg: 7-5-5

35kg 3x12

Funny thing, ordered some knee sleeves today and my patellar tendon started getting pissed off almost immediately. Stupid thing.

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