HardyEustace Registered User

Going to a wedding in a few weeks time.

I always love going all out at weddings and getting very dressed up.

Have bought a gorgeous dress, one shouldered, long, black, relatively classic.

However, I have to admit, having seen some HORRENDOUS photos of people dressed in long dresses at Aintree and having cringed over a few episodes of "My big, fat, gypsy wedding", I can't help wondering if long showy dresses are a bit like flats in Bulgaria - gone the way of the recession.

It all seems to be glamorous fifties shift dresses wtih little jackets now.


(I will not be dying myself orange or perching a small top hat on top of cheap hair extensions so that may go some way towards reducing the chav effect!)

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lainey316 Registered User

I don't like long dresses unless the wedding is black tie or an evening affair. 12 or 2pm in the church, I think the full length can be out of place.

Just an opinion tho!

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SBWife Registered User

If you have to ask!

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rosebush Registered User

I was looking for a dress for a wedding myself and saw a lovely long coral one in Debenhams but then I thought the exact same thing is it a bit 'big fat gipsy wedding-ish' so I was turned off it.

However I don't think a black dress would be tacky (unless it has alot of sequins or something?) and judging by the weddings I was at last summer there will be alot of maxi dresses at the wedding too.
Have you got a pic?

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Is it relatively straight up and down or is it flowy like a prom dress? Crucial difference that matters imo A floor-length prom/bridesmaid style dress would be a little OTT imo, but a slinky-ish long dress wouldn't look out of place at all.

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true-or-false Registered User

To be honest I'd find it a welcome change to some of the dresses I've seen in churches lately. Was at a christening last month and about 90% of the girls under 30 were wearing teeny tiny dresses, looked like they were going to an underage disco. I'm not religious and I'm only 20 (so not an oul biddie) but I saw it as disrespectful. I'd be quite impressed to see someone looking glam instead of chavvy. But if it's more maxi dress than formal dress you might be going a bit astray. There's also the black to think of, usually it's advised to steer clear of black or white at weddings. Maybe you could find a pic of a similar dress? I'd say it will be fine though.

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Sibylla Registered User

It completely depends on the dress, In general people seem to be wearing dresses above the knee with fitted jackets, The last wedding I was at a girl was wearing a gorgeous one shoulder dress it was full length, It really stood out in a positive way.

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HardyEustace Registered User

This is the dress but in black.

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true-or-false Registered User

That's actually really nice IMO. You could easily deal with the black by adding non-black accessories; necklace, bangles/bracelet, then either a shawl or a well-fitted blazer maybe and you're set!

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Ulysses1874 Registered User

HardyEustace said:
This is the dress but in black.

That'd work, no problem, IMO.

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The Lovely Muffin Closed Account

Lovely dress OP, although the split goes up the thigh a bit. That said, I don't know what height the OP is so obviously the split may not be up so far.

It's lovely in Purple too


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dudara Administrator

The dress is nice, but I'd shorten the split a little for daytime wear.

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lorebringer Registered User

Lovely dress and perfectly suitable for a wedding.

If you have the legs for it - more power to you!

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lainey316 Registered User

The dress is lovely but my immediate gut reaction was that the split is not church-appropriate (am assuming wedding is in church, it may not be). I am a bit fuddy duddy when it comes to church events tho.

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solerina Registered User

Its lovely, dont do anything with the slit...it still covers more than a lot of dresses at the wedding will....just be careful how you walk/sit !!! Team it with red/white accessories for a more daytime look !!

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