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I recnetly upgraded from a Blackberry Curve to an iphone.

My blackberry was a Vodafone phone and now I'm not using it anymore
I want to give it to a friend who's on 02 prepay.

I'm not the best with phones so would be most grateful if someone could explain in simple terms what I need to do to unlock it so that it can be used with an 086 sim card on the 02 network?

Many thanks

Captain Morgan Registered User

Are you bill pay or PAYG? If you're bill pay you'll be able to get the unlocking code straight away from Vodafone. Either through My Vodafone-Request NAC, through customer care or PM one of the Vodafone reps over on the Vodafone forum here on boards. Link

Same methods for PAYG but you have to have spent €127 in the last 6 months on credit.

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panama Banned

Got sorted by contacting Vodafone customer care. Thanks.

Also just realised my thread posted twice by mistake so mods please delete.

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