Hi, I'm wondering what is the best website for forecasting Aurora Borealis in Ireland?
Is there an Android App I can download to check forecasting? I want something I can check regularly.
Any help please I know its possible to see them here especially Sligo Donegal area.

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If the yellow bit of this image approaches Ireland you should be able to see something. It updates every so often and the generation time is shown in UT (an hour behind Irish time until October).
No platform-specific applications needed, just bookmark the image link.


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I find this site to be very good for aurora forecasts: http://www.softservenews.com/aurora.htm

It is also on twitter and tweets when the aurora get close to storm level. See here: https://twitter.com/#!/aurora_alerts

You can also keep an eye here and sign up for free aurora alerts here: http://www.donegalskies.com/#!vstc3=aurorawatch/vstc2=page-4

.....And of course don't forget: www.spacewather.com

If its visible in Donegal or Sligo it should be visible over most the country, you just need to get to a really dark sky to see. We're lucky enough here in Donegal to have some fairly dark skies.

Hope this helps and happy aurora hunting!!


P.S there might be some activity tonight or tomorrow but even if it does kick up the Moon will make very difficult to see.

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Great thanks really good links

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