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I have a Zanussi Washer/Dryer (ZWD 14270 W1).
Went to do a wash but no display/lights come on.
Turned knob to off and back on to any wash/dry setting - no display/light.
Checked power/plug fuse - no problems there.

Any ideas?


iMax Banned

Sounds like a pcb problem. Give zanussi a call & organise a service. Costs €75 but there's a 5 year warranty on parts.

knighted_1 Banned

check first for a bad connection on the pcb board first in particular the two wires from the supressor at the back/power in attaching to the board -that model have a habit of coming loose -

zanussi charge 75 for a call out but they will charge parts on top of that

timbel Registered User

I opened it up, but there didn't seem to be any loose power connections.
Gave Zanussi a call - waiting from a call from the engineer.


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