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Guys I have been in further contact with Ittai from the Viber PR Office - the beta is ready and will be kicking off any moment. The Tech Crunch one was just their starter PR Effort to get the word out, but all those who signed up on the Beta List will be getting the email in the next few days - starting with those who signed up first. You'll get an email with a link on where to download the app.


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Atomic Pineapple Registered User

Can you post it here or send it on when you get it?


Nice one. I signed up a few months back. Really looking forward to this

ipnface Registered User
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AlmightyCushion Moderator

Cheers. Just installed it there. I'm not a fan of the iPhone like interface so hopefully they change that soon.

ipnface Registered User

after what seems like seven months building it and a few more of a beta phase, I wouldn't get your hopes up!


Only 8 of my friends have it installed. Best invite more

So what's the story if I send the apk onto me mate?

ipnface Registered User

You have to register before you can use the apk. simply follow the instructions above.


ipnface said:
You have to register before you can use the apk. simply follow the instructions above.

Oh yeah I have it and it seems to be working grand. Told me mate to register and get it but he said its only 500 downloads at the moment. Was just wondering if I sent on the apk to him would it work for him

ipnface Registered User

its open to everybody. this registration page is different to the previous one.


ipnface said:
its open to everybody.

Ah right. Thought that meself. May tell me friend to piss off and get it himself so lol

Zascar Moderator

GGGGRRRRRAAAAAGGGHHH!!! Won't work for me!!

I downloaded the file first and ran it, cause I thought I was ok having registered before, but got the error. So I uninstalled, registered on the phone, then downloaded again, ran, but now I'm getting the same error. Grrrrr

ipnface Registered User

did you register using my link? note that your number must be the exact same in the registration and in the app. that is the most important part.

Zascar Moderator

Ahh ok got it, not sure why it did not work last time. Sweet! Now to play with it.

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I had to register again also. That's weird it's not working for ya now though

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