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i know this has been done to a death but any info would be greatly appreciated or if anyone could point me in the direction of a good hairdresser that could fix it that wont cost the earth(in limerick)

ok so i resently got my hair highlighted on the cheap as i couldn't afford getting it done at the pricer salons. it turned out ok but she only put one colour into it so now at my roots i have my natural dark brown hair mixed with blonde highlights in the middle its pretty much blonde but at the ends its gone very brassy. so i have 3 shades of blonde now....

i have tried using the blue/purple shampoos to get the brassy-ness out but its not working

anyway long story short would i be able to put in a all over colour from the chemist to get the same colour through out?? would my natural haircolour at the roots come out a different colour(orangey/yellow)? could i put in a prelightner first or would this damage my hair as its already bleached??

any info welcome thanks

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If you want to go platinum blonde, you should really go for a highlighting kit, but using it as an all over colour. You will need to be careful to distribute the dye, getting a friend is best. If you want it to go really blonde, leave it in for a good hour and a half. Then get a really good conditioner to use afterwards and leave it in for a few minutes, because bleaching really damages your hair as you will probably know already!

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Would you not just back to person who did it "on the cheap"?

You're going to just end up damaging your hair. .
Home dyes have completely different contents in them to dyes used by hairdressers. . if you were to use a home dye, there is no gurantees as to what colour it may come out. . so this would be a disaster tbh.

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It depends on what colour you want to achieve. If you want to stick with blonde then I recommended what crazym02 said and use a highlighting kit all over (or go to salon services and get 6% peroxide and powder bleach).

I don't think the box dyes are going to be of any use to you in this situation unless you want to go darker.

If you're trying to get a platinum blonde let me know and I'll explain how I get mine.

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thanks guys
i really dont wait to go back to the salon as the girls dont have great english and i really dont think id be able to explain or they would get what im saying if you know what i mean!!

yes i would like to go abit lighter all over ash/platinum would be perfect.
if you could explain stench blossoms that would be great have a sally salon pretty close so that would be handy! but would i be able to bleach over my hair again?? thanks


Is there any chance you could show us a picture of what your hair looks like now? Just so I can get an idea of how blonde your hair is at the moment. If its not too blonde it should be fine to bleach over.

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hope you can get some idea from the pics! thanks!


Ok here's what I'd suggest doing.

Get yourself some 6% peroxide (I use 9% but I have white/platinum hair) and some powder bleach. Mix it up according to the instructions on the box. Normally what I use is two scoops of powder with 120ml of peroxide.

Your roots are obviously going to take longer to lift so I'd start by putting it on your roots first. Leaving it about 30 mins. Then distribute the rest of the mix over your coloured hair and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. You'll be able to see the colour changing yourself. Don't worry if it looks like its going yellow.

Then what I do is wash that out and use L'oreal Luocolor P01 mixed with the luo releaser. Put this all over my head like a box dye colour and leave it on for 20mins (This is like a toner)

This girls tutorial is good.


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That video is hilarius, but quite good.

I have a different problem, years ago I dyed my hair every shade possible, but then I cut most of it off and started getting half head highlights. My hair is mousy brown naturally ( it was white till I was 4 years old).

I now cant afford highlights, last lot I got was a year ago, so I'm pretty 2 tone!

I have never used a home dye except for xxl platnium/ red / black before.

I want a colour 3 shades lighter than what I have now but I don't want to cut off my highlighted hair.

If I use a home kit, can I get high lights again over it in 6 month when I might have some money.

So have this:

And i want this:

Just the hair, not looking for miracles!

But i want to be able to get highlights again before it grows out.



wmpdd3 said:

If I use a home kit, can I get high lights again over it in 6 month when I might have some money.

Yeh you should be able to get high lights again in 6 months. What you have in your second picture would be quite hard to achieve though with a home dye.

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thanks very much Stench Blossoms will give it a go fingers crossed it comes out ok lol

pmsl at your "not looking for miracles" commet wmpdd3

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Stench Blossoms said:
Yeh you should be able to get high lights again in 6 months. What you have in your second picture would be quite hard to achieve though with a home dye.

What would I achieve? Sort of yellow all over? I dont believe this L'oreal natural tones and highlights crap, but will I just look like a maniquins blonde wig:

(Invalid img)



In the Misha Barton picture there is a lot of different colours going on. Highlighted colours which I think are hard to do yourself. (Why i stick to the all over same colour )

You wouldn't necessarily achieve the yellow look all over. It depends what colour you use. I only have experience going platinum blonde.

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yep me too.

cant stick with this brown lark, Its my normal colour and everyone keeps saying, ooh you dyed your hair brown, mmm its different!


You could always try one of those home dye's that have a highlighting part with them and get a friend to help.

I've got the image of one in my head but I can't think of the brand. If I do I'll let you know

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