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[Mods- I'm not sure where to post this, accom & property hasn't really yielded results so far, hope this is a suitable place]

I woke up the other day & found a few ants in a corner of my bedroom... not all in a bunch... I killed one, then noticed another a few feet away etc etc. Cleared out that corner.
I came back a few hours later & found some ants and also what I've been told are silverfish insects- they look like them anyway. These freaked me out even more that the ants cos they're so fast, I couldn't kill all the ones I saw.

I've old floorboards in my room, with tiny gaps in between them & I think I saw an ant coming from the gap between floorboard + skirting board so maybe that's where they came from? Thats an external wall- could they be coming from outside? (though my room is upstairs) Could I have brought them in on my shoes from the garden? How have they suddenly appeared now- the definitely weren't there a few days ago. The fact that there seem to be 2 different types of of them has me extra freaked out. Dont know what to do, kind of dont wanna bring it up with my landlady cos surely she'll think I dont keep the place clean or something!

Any thoughts/ advice greatly appreciated!


you may think me mad but i love silverfish, i think theyre lovely.

One way to get rid of ants is that they probably have one point of entry. Its usually easy to find because theylly all be heading back that way. follow them and tape up the entry, theyll go find somewhere else.

Ants and silver fish are completely harmless and are no reflection on hygene. bear in mind its spring now so there are going to be everywhere. best block them off from the outside and leave it at that.

or get a spider

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Silverfish aren't lovely when they get into your book collection and start eating holes in the paper

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Hi folks, thanks for your replies.

sensibleken- I do think you're mad! I'm not mad on creepy things generally, but at least I can keep sight of an ant, the silverfish move so bloody fast, its unnerving! thanks though for putting my mind at ease re hygiene- my room is the tidiest its ever been so I couldn't figure it out. I wont be getting a spider- they're worse than silverfish in my book I've been through many springs & never had anything like this crop up will look into blocking their way somehow, thanks

Alun- I agree, I have quite a large number of books, I wasn't even thinking of their safety, rather my squeamishness! This means war

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