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Help me please
I have felt run down for a number of years

I has got worse in the last few years
I have bowel trouble

I have been felling rundown for over two years but didnt want to do anything about it, but then it came to a head, i ended up in A&E in a lot of pain in the abdomen. In short appendix taken out. Recovery went well, energy levels soared felt on top of the world. But as the weeks went by back came the lack of energy headake, nausia, bowel movements all over the place. Went for scopes showed mild diverticular diseas ( i am 30) Go away you will be fine eat lots of fiber(conversation with doctor and nurse was comical if it were not so serious they as good as told me to go away and dont come back) Back in A&E, admited to hospital again 2 weeks on antibiotic drip. sent home again another scope, same result. a few month later back in A&E, CT scan preforated. diverticular disease. (Had piece of bowel removed(not nice) 4 month passed am as bad again. Head ache nausia pain, oh I also smell like a sewer. Had antibotics and smell went away. now waiting for scope up and down the way. I need help, have also been to various allergy clinic (Joe Fitzgibbon would recommend him he at least listen but could not find allergy, was tring (candida infection when i went with preforated diverticular diseas). Am sitting hear hoping if you or anyone can help me am at wits end and finding hard to work and as i am selfemployed things are hard enough.
look forward to responce
Has anyone ever come out of this that was diagnosed/cured loads of people complain about it on other threads, but has anyone ever been cured, does anyone feel better??

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Have you been checked out for Coeliac disease? If not, try cutting out foods with wheat, barley, rye and oats in them to see if that makes a difference (will take a while to notice any improvement though so persist with it)
Some of the symptoms you describe fit the bill - though in fairness they fit many bills..

Not a nice situation to be in, best of luck.

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Have been tested for all that
About to have 3rd scope done both ways
Have been to aleegery clinic nothin comes up
Have hat piece of bowel taken out and tested for coeliac and crohens
Hoping to find pointers here

I also throw up reguarly but nothin comes up
I also really stink, went on antibiotic and smell went away but its back again now

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I am just reading a book by Dr McKenna and he describes different problems that can occur in the digestive tract, such as fermentation and dysbiosis - and he specifically mentions problems such as diarrhoea, throwing up, bad body odour, skin rashes etc. He does suggest a (rather tough I might add) routine to follow, but some of the therapies probably require supervision. I think he's in Kildare, so might be worth a trip, or reading the book to see if you think there's anything in there for you?

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