ianoleader Registered User

Hey where can I watch movies online for free, I usually watch movies from project free tv but my iPad will not play the movies and it's really starting to p*** me off because it says I have to have an up to date adobe flash player and you can't install programs from online unless it is from the app store, so if anyone knows any websites that you can watch movies on I would be much appreciated please help

matchthis Registered User

www.veetle.com couldn't recommend it enough, would be better if it had full listings, bust good few channels to choose from

CJackson Registered User

The Skyfire app will let u play a lot of flash sites
And try the oplayer app too. It lets u upload loadsa different file types that wouldnt usually play on an iOS device

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_Whimsical_ Registered User

With the app iswifter you should be able to watch project free tv on your iPad.

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