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I have been selling bits and pieces on since the start of the year and I am amazed at the presence of buyers in Ireland as all of my items except for one has been sold to people from Ireland, the other item was bought by someone in Italy. I just presumed that there was more interest in my stuff from people in Ireland as the postage costs were lower since I am located in Ireland too. However now I am thinking my listing is not listed on aswell when I list on,is this correct and if so is there any way of listing on both sites as obviously there is a much bigger market on the site. Has it something to do with if I list the postage costs to Europe or something???

I do know that if I search the same thing on both sites I will get more items on the site then the .ie site, with a few overlapping


Have you a listing live at the moment?

If so, perhaps you could link to it.

In the advanced sell your item listing form, make sure you have ticked UK and input a specific postage price for them, as simply ticking Europe or European Union will, I think, exclude the UK.

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List your item as normal and when it appears on log out of and log into and see if its listed. In fact you can be logged into both at the same time in different windows.

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