v.e.r.b.a.l Registered User

I'm hoping to get a Macbook Pro and I really want a 15 inch screen (it'll be used for a lot of video editing), but when choosing the 15 inch model, you seem to pay an awful lot more for a processor speed of much less.

The 13 inch model offers 2.7ghz i7 processor, but the 15 inch offers a max of 2.3ghz i7.

Can anyone tell me how much of a difference I'd notice in the two processor speeds assuming I'm getting 8gb of RAM with either, and using the likes of memory-hogs like Premiere Pro, After Effects etc.?


ressem Registered User

The 15" macbook is a quad core, the 13" version is a dual core.

So if your software is written and up to date so as to support quad core processors, then it should run quicker when carrying out many tasks that stress the CPU, despite the slower clock speed.

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