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smacl said:
They came as a pair so are on both sides. The prescription sunglasses I use cut off my peripheral vision a fair bit, and a turn I have to get back to my house typically involves getting across an extra lane with no lights, hence the mirrors. They're good but not great. Fine on days like today, not much use if there's any rain. How do you find the B+M one?

I find it good. Maybe the field of vision could be bigger but then that could lead to distortion. It's also adjustable on it's ball and socket connection

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Mercian Pro said:
£1550 from Fatbirds or €1999 from Harrys Bikes for the 105 version.

I posted this a couple of weeks ago after favourable comments about my titanium Van Nicolas Ventus. Since then, they have discontinued the Ventus and their "cheapest" bike is now a lot more expensive. A few UK agents still have a few in stock and, as far as I know, the 52cm one is still in Harrys.

Just in case anyone was tempted!

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Mercian Pro said:

Just in case anyone was tempted!

Oh crap one of these will be my next and final build or possibly a resto on an old frame. I was looking at the curve ti frames also but they're also crazy money.

Not gonna happen for a year or two either way

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Not today but came across this from last summer, can't wait for decent bit of weather

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riding to the snowline south of Krakow.

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