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1.8 Discussion Thread, shamelessly stolen from the official Minecraft forum:


- Wearing a pumpkin will protect you from endermen in ways.

- A new glass-like block. It's very thin. [Picture]

- A very scary, dark mob named "Enderman". It's purpose is unknown, but it's holding a block. [Picture] [Reddit]

- Hunger bar. (Look to the right of the health meter.) [Twitter]

- Cooked chicken; raw chicken. [Twitter]

- Farmable melons and pumpkins. [Interview]

- New achievement for shooting a skeleton from 50 meters away. [Twitter]

- Iron reeds. (Name unofficial.) [Picture]

- New bricks. (Name unofficial.(Stone, mossy, and cracked.)) [Picture]

- Chargeable bows.

- Critical hits.

- NPC villages. [Tumblr] [Picture]

- A new mob. (A very "scary" one! (A boss, possibly? Maybe the silverfish?))[Tumblr]

- Different style dungeons. [Picture]

- More complex combat. [Tumblr]

- More unique farming.

- New mossy cobblestone texture.

- A moderator on a survival server can play as if they were in creative. [Twitter] (1.9?)

- New lighting. [Picture] [Tumblr]

- More unique and interesting world generation. [Tumblr]

- Gamma slider. [Twitter]

- Big mushrooms. [Picture] [Picture2]

- Underground ravines. [Picture]

Likely Features:

- Mystery bar. {Stamina? Armor? Fear? Experience? Oxygen?} (Right above item slots.) [Twitter]

- Server list GUI.

- A way to win. [Interview]

- Moon shooting achievement. [Twitter]

- Mini-Quests. [Interview]

- Small animals. (Baby wolves.)

- Poison.

- A block that stops fall damage.

- Silverfish boss.

- Sprinting.

- New launcher. [Twitter]

- Food in buckets / stacked food. [Twitter]

- Secret stuff. [Picture]

- Experience orb. (Possibly part of the "potions" ordeal) [Picture]

- Sheep will regenerate wool. (1.9?)


- Crystalline caves. [getSatisfaction]

- Nettherack spreads around portals in the overworld. [Twitter]

- Sky dimension. (.class file still remains in code.)

- Platinum tools. [Twitter]

- Modders will be able to change the map height in a .class file.

- Naturally generated torches. [Picture]

- Dragons.

- Biome-complient water. [Picture in 1.7 files]

- Fence gates. [Twitter]

- Moss spread.

- Default hi-res texture support. [Twitter]

- Interactive mobs. Farm animals, for example.

- Terraria features. [Twitter]

- New SFX in caves and nether.

- More nether things.

- Spikes. [Twitter]

- Natural cobwebs.


- More things to do with maps. (Zoom in, set waypoints, etc.)

- Dragons.

- Apple trees.

- Sponges.

- Modding API.

- 3rd person front view. (Opposite of F5.)

- More underwater content.

Release Date:

- September. (Only likely.) [Google+]

There's also been some sound tweaking:

- Less annoying rain.
- New water splashing sound.
- New swimming sounds.
- Moving minecart sound.
- New, "more horrifying", skeleton sound.
- Skeleton walking sounds.
- Unique sound for big slimes.
- Spider walking sound.
- Zombie walking sound.
- Chicken walking sound.
- Cow walking sounds.
- Wolf walking sound.
- Sheep walking sound.
- Pig walking sound.
- Shearing sheep sound.
- New grass walk sound.
- New gravel walk sound.
- New sand walk sound.
- New stone walk sound.
- Ladder climbing sound.

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JohnR1024 Registered User

Suppose it'll give me a chance to make my wolf army..
Any idea about when I'll be able to access the servers?
And does anyone know how to make cookies?
So many questions...

cherryghost Frequent Support Feeder

Server will be back up as soon as the mod coders have the chance to redo their code so its in line with the new 1.4 code. Until then there's not much you can do but feck around in single player and enjoy the new features

cherryghost Frequent Support Feeder

So there's Cocoa Beans and Brown Sheep now


I love these updates

nkay1985 Registered User

So if you're rolling back, how far back will that be?

Did a load of tunnelling and mining today so would hate to lose that!

cherryghost Frequent Support Feeder

Rolled back to about an hour or so ago

ondafly Registered User

can people attach the 1.3 .jar file to the thread ? so others can roll back to that version ?

I'm looking at you Conor_MR2

JohnR1024 Registered User

Managed to tame two wolves (140 and 142).
Sadly 140 passed away in combat this morning, leaving 142 as pack leader he is buried in a golden grave .
Tamed 254123 and working on converting an abandoned project into wolves HQ.
I frickin love this update

nkay1985 Registered User

cherryghost said:
Rolled back to about an hour or so ago

Cool should be ok so. Thanks Cherry.

Is the event still likely to go ahead?

BlandKitten Registered User

The update is out? I better stay connected then!
Also, please backup the server again before you put it to 1.4, I've got a lot of stuff done

Edit: Check this out!

JohnR1024 Registered User

If you've had the fortune to have found cocoa beans, cookies are...
(top row blank)
wheat-cocoa beans-wheat
(bottom row blank)
Makes 8, each 1 heals half a heart.

NeosDex Registered User

Yea Cocoa Beans are found in dungeon chests though... hopefully in 1.5 they'll add a cocoa plant

Promac Registered User

Can we not just play vanilla for a while?

BlandKitten Registered User

Promac said:
Can we not just play vanilla for a while?

Chests wouldn't be locked and there'd be no safe zones. The place would be in havoc from looting and creepers.

Best kept offline for a while.

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