RedIceBreaker Registered User

Server Name: MCFactions
Hosted: Scotland, Scottish and Irish owners
Whitelist: No just pop online
Type: Factions/Survival
Mods: Bukkit, Permissions, ClearLag, mcMMO, Essentials, Factions, AntiCheat ect..

Adding a World War 3 theme soon (maybe)
Website :

neefneef Registered User

Server Name: BallaghCraft
Hosted: Dedicated
Whitelist: Yes register at
Type: Survival/PVP
Mods: 25566: BukkitCraft/AntiCheat/Factions/Vault/Orebfuscator/StarterKit/TreeAssist and TekkitInspired

Server Name: Feed The Ballagh
Hosted: Dedicated
Whitelist: Yes register at
Type: FreeBuild/Survival
Mods: 25565: FEED THE BEAST - Tech World MODPACK

carsjfish Registered User

JpCkid21 please make adventure craft 1.5 compatible! then give me the new ip. THANKS

jaysmith123 Registered User

Server Name: JayCraft
Hosted: Dedicated Server
Whitelist: No
Type: Survival Server
Mods: Iconomy, Factions, Anti-Grief protection, Lockette and more

nonsequitir Registered User

Server Name: Galloping Green
Hosted: Dedicated
Whitelist: Nope
Type: Survival/PVP and Freebuild
Version: Always the latest (currently 1.5.1)
Mods: Multiverse with a bunch of worlds,portals/sign portals,World Edit, factions, ranks, skills, economy, anti spam and many, many more.

Thraxen Registered User

Server Name: DFS
Server release: 1.5.1 Latest update!
Hosted: Dedicated
Whitelist: No
Type: Survival & Freebuild for donators, however anyone can visit the storage world.
Mods: MCMMO, Tree Assist, Claim Protection/anti-griefing, Chairs, Worldguard, Lift, Chestshop, Lava furnace and Heads

The DFS server is an Irish based group who enjoy the wonders of minecraft. We have accumulated a strong community who have stuck with us over the years. Though the majority of members are from Ireland it is open to everyone and we do have many from all of Europe and across the pond. Our main world is survival based with many helpful mods.
The second world is our creative world, it is open to the public and you can walk among the many builds from the past few years. However build privileges are for donators who have free access to build whatever they can dream!

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Conloln Registered User

Server Name: Phantom-Heart
Hosted: Dedicated
Whitelist: No
Type: Hardcore PvP/Factions
Mods: Essentials/Factions/Mcmmo/Anti-Cheat

Brand new server literally finished adding perms and plugins today.Finding it hard to get a steady flow of players.Hope to see you all there!

jaysmith123 Registered User

Server Name: Crafty-Survival
Hosted: Dedicated Ip
Whitelist: No
Type: build,Survival
Mods: iConomy, Factions, worldedit, worldguard ect...

Pick your own rank and rank yourself up by gaining points!

WinsonSmith Registered User

Add your server to FunMinecraftServers

Its free and you have a good chance of getting on page one if you
get players to vote.

TheRoo Registered User

Mod Edit: No cracked servers

rogshan Registered User

Server Name: Mobapps
Hosted: Home Hosted
Whitelist: No
Type: Survival

BobbyPropane Registered User

Server Name: Irish Beastbox
Hosted: Dedicated
Whitelist: No longer whitelisted
Type: Survival
Mods: FTB Ultimate
Max Players: 10 (Subject to change)

Admins will also be streaming on twitch in the future.

Currently no Teamspeak but will rent a server if we get enough players

Fone_bone Registered User

Mod edit: No cracked servers.

Merger Registered User

Server Address/IP:


Game Play Type/s: [Sky Block] [Survival]
Additional Worlds: City of Heros, Sky block

World 1: "Home" This old world is original for those who want to wander around make friends and get building and find a base. Random ruins of old cities lost to wars and conflict can be found scattered around this world.

World 2: City of Heros; The concept behind this is that we are emulating real world. Introducing cast systems. such as Guest, Apprentice, Tradesman, Master. Each with their own abilities and limitations.

World 3: Sky block; Start on a small island of blocks complete challenges and build up your island.

Rules: No Grief; No cussing; No advertising;

Plugins: [Essential] [WorldEdit] [WorldBorder] [MultiVerse2] [HawkEye] [dynmap] [greifPrevention] and more

Owner/Admins/Moderators: Pengisu2 / Chevron2

rogshan Registered User

Server Name: Irish_iNinja`s Survival Server
Hosted: Dedicated
Whitelist: No
Type: Survival
Mods: Essentials/Lockette ect

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