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My first post on!

I would recommend "The News Quiz" from BBC radio 4 available on iTunes. Its a panel show, very funny and is definitely worth a listen.
"Keith and the girl", seems to be very popular, cant say that its hugely appealing to me, but my friends love it, not for the easily offended.
And for any science fanatics "The Skeptics guide to the Universe" is a good listen, dealing with all things new in the world of science and skepticism.
Actually all these are available on iTunes and ZenCast.

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El Weirdo said:
Welcome to boards, funkee!

Have to agree with this. As I said in another thread, I started listening to this a while back and I think it's fantastic.

I honestly couldn't wait a week to listen to more of them and was disappointed when I realised that older shows weren't available on itunes. I still managed to source a large chunk of the back catalogue, though and am slowly making my way through it.

So many interesting stories. If you haven't listened to it, you are really missing out.

I just subscribed to 'This American Life' and there's only the 1 podcast. Pity. I'll just have to use my insane interweb skills to find more, previous shows.

Also, those Opie and Anthony podcasts seem to be shorts??? There's about 6 shows longer than an hour.

Joe Rogan's podcasts are so easy to find in comparison.

Thanks for all the replies.


tinner777 said:
any more like this?

I haven't found anything similar really and they've stopped making them Another good one is The Bugle. That's a Times podcast and they've been cancelled too - but they'd hoping they'll find somewhere else to publish the podcasts. It's very funny too but of a more political bent

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The Bugle hasn't been cancelled - it's just that the Times are no longer supporting it.

They released a test podcast from their new setup earlier this week so don't panic

It's my favourite podcast by far and probably the only one I would happily pay for. Not sure how much is in the archives these days but would advise new listeners to go back as far as possible - the US Election coverage from 2008 is excellent

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If you are interested in history at all there are some great ones out there. Dan Carlins hardcore history is brilliant.

From our own correspondant on the BBC is also good.

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lol @ me, can't believe I forgot to mention the peerless "The History of Rome" podcast by Mike Duncan.

The best podcast there is, bar none.

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A bit sweary and dodgey but real funny is talking **** with Jim and Eddie. A rougher version of gervais

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