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These are "The Marching Mellows"

I'm looking for open minded people willing to play music and enjoy playing music. Music. Willing to create and stand for what comes out of it. Looking for gigs, open mics, busking and wherever and whenever we've got an opportunity to play. Play for the sake of playing, for the sake of music, playing loud, playing louder playing a lot.

Name's Gabriel and i'm looking for a few guys to put a band together in Dublin city centre area and around or anywhere you can go to and fro easily enough. I could be looking for a band but i don't wanna bump into anybody's ongoing work with my own ideas. It's, INITIALLY a covers band with a few originals, as you see, the band has a name. Songs by Bob Dylan (especially from the albums 'bringin' it all back home' to 'blonde on blonde'), neil young, velvet underground and on and on, a few pop-ish tunes (why not) and more. I'm not interested in temple bar's pub music unless it has something of personalty in it. Personalty is all it has to do with. Personalty, not ego.

The setting i'm looking for is basically lead guitar, bass guitar and drums with any variatins and additions to it, including songwriting, backsinging and any creative resources. I sing, write and play rythm guitar. My place is available for practicing and i've got a lousy drumkit, a guitar amp, a bass amp and some more additional gear. Bring your own drumsticks. Bring your own ideas.

I don't feel like adding links to videos, lyrics or whatever coz you gotta get what is all about by the first paragraph.

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Hey, drummer and bass player here. Both based in Maynooth. Have gigging experience.

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hey give some of theese tunes a listen, and if you like gimme a shout and will arrange an audition , were a funk group in south dublin!

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Hi Man,

Are you still looking for musicians?


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Yes I am. But you play rythm guitar? I need lead guitar preferentially.

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Let's remind everybody we still can get a few gigs for this summer!

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