Lemsiper Registered User

Viking Splash tour bus.

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Blazer Registered User

a packet of taytos ...unless they're the vegetarian zombie kind I'm fúcked

iseethelight Registered User

a ps3 controller, I shall cunningly put on Resident Evil5 to confuse em while I run away

James Forde Registered User

Ray gun


Lemsiper said:
Viking Splash tour bus.

That would actually be an awesome weapon - you could all be sitting up top with bats, clubs, scythes and whatever and just rampage about the place knocking zombs out of the way and then retreat to the water when the zombie density gets too thick cause zombies can't swim!

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Raging_Ninja Registered User

I suppose I could roll up the refill pad next to me and go all Jason Bourne on a zombie.

rossie1977 Registered User

a dvd and a lamp, crap, there is a phone, key to my right

Daegerty Banned

9 volt battery, a chair

Captain_Generic Registered User

A lamp and a calculator, but I love lamp so its okay

Willbbz Registered User

My wallet.

And by the looks of things I won't be crushing them with the amount in it

biko Arbiter

Ban stick.

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CD. Registered User

i get a double, the chinese menu is sitting on the remote.
neither is any use. unless the dead can be killed with thousands of paper cuts >.<

bloopy Registered User

Board with a nail in it.

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Gordon Gecko Registered User

Has to be my cricket bat: GM Maxi 707, 2lbs 12oz of Kashmir willow oiled up for the new zombie season.


My printer. I shall print a number of decoy targets and when they get confused start smashing heads with it.

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