ok after a days use on ios5 its almost unusable. Constantly crashing and each time you reboot it wipes all your messages!

BigMoose Registered User

Mine isn't usable on iOS5 either. I updated to iOS5 then upgraded Viber. It gets stuck at the setup screen. First time round got an SMS with the code, put it in, saw all my contacts/messages were gone but it seemed to setup ok. Then it pops up the same setups screen and i have to start again and by now the code doesn't work. Get a call back, with a code. Then next time I start the app I get the setup screen again and the code doesn't work. Now I dont get a callback.

isup Registered User

Can't update cos I'm on 3.1.3

jpfahy Registered User

There's an update in the App Store now

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reza13 Registered User

everytime i call my friend or they call me on VIBER i can always hear them but they cant hear me how come? i am using the htc evo from sprint and their using the samsung intercept on virgin mobile

BigMoose Registered User

App seems to run fine now.

mgcthai Registered User

Hi Guys I hope you can help me I joined here to ask a question ~~

Problem one on 3G Iphone
I have installed Viber on a 3G running os V4.3.3 (8J2) when trying to install the latest Viber I get where I put my phone number in click ok send code but a screen comes up saying
No Push notification token
check settings and see viber for more details

I have checked the setting and all the switches are set to "on" I have rebooted several times and reinstalled several times all to no avail.
Now before the latest update of software i had no problems so any help would be appreciated Oh I have also installed "Push Doctor" which was one suggestion I got and that didnt do anything either ~ so please any ideas ??

Problem two on 2G iPhone
I have had Viber on this phone before and it worked fine very good indeed in fact but like a silly sod I thought Viber was so good i would upgrade it through iStore and iStore decides to uninstall the one on the phone and install the new version great I though BUT the new version will not install as it keeps saying it is for V4 os and above only so please any ideas where I can get an old version of Viber from for this G2 phone running V3.1.3os

All help muchly appreciated

ViberBugReport Registered User

I am trying here to submit a bug report to viber.
I tried twitting @viber without success. Now I am having a go here. It is really a pity there is no way to do it officially.
But among the Dublin related stuff on this forum a user Viber seems to listen to this monster megathread.
My friend and I are not able to open our message conversation page anymore and can not use viber text messaging together anymore. We are both using iPhone4, neither is jailbroken, both are using viber 2.1. The last event was a text message sent from a iOS4 viber. It arrived fine on the target, a iOS5 device. The notification displayed the first words and on the messages pane the begining of the messages is also visible. But both the sender and the receiver are not able to open the actuall text conversation page from this point anymore. Every attempt ends in a viber crash. Well, viber stays still running in the background but the app disappears from the iPhone screen. I am able to access other viber text conversations. In an attempt to fixing I tried to delete the broken thread but this crashed too. I think I was finally able to fix the situation on my device by tampering with internal viber data, but this is really not a solution. Reinstalling viber and losing all messages (even the sane conversations) is also rather painful. Is there a way of fixing the problem for a none-techie? The messages database seems to be corrupt.

Thank you.

AMHRASACH Registered User

on an iphone 3G; original Viber worked fine. At recent invitation, upgraded & Viber fails to function.
Is there any way of recovering the original system?


Hi everyone,
Sorry for my delayed response.

iOS5 users - we are aware that some of you have been experiencing crashes and sudden deactivations. We have been working hard to fix the problems, and there should be great improvement already in the new 2.1.1 (AppStore/Market). A newer version is already under development, and we hope that it is released soon. Once it is, please try it out and it should resolve most issues on iOS5 and make Viber stable again.

iOS3 users - the new version still does not officially support iOS3. It is in the works, but at any rate - I think most users would recommend upgrading to iOS4 or iOS5 anyway. Same goes for you: please stay tuned for updates from me either here or on our Facebook page.

iPhone 2G/3G users - unfortunately Viber officially supports only iPhone 3Gs and above, as stated in our website. The problem might be caused by the fact that you have iOS3 installed, but when it comes to hardware - Viber's support for iPhone 3G itself is only partial. We intend to look into adapting Viber to older iPhone versions in the future, but for now there is unfortunately not much we can do

@ViberBugReport - please have both sides install the new 2.1.1, and report back to me if it works or not. If it still doesn't let me know.

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ViberBugReport Registered User

@Viber: Thanks for the response. I did upgrade on my device to version 2.1.1. This did not help. What helped here was manually deleting strange looking entries in (I think it was) Contacts file. The database contained trash-messages. I was always able to make voice calls. I do not know how to help my non-techie friend now.


ViberBugReport said:
@Viber: Thanks for the response. I did upgrade on my device to version 2.1.1. This did not help. What helped here was manually deleting strange looking entries in (I think it was) Contacts file. The database contained trash-messages. I was always able to make voice calls. I do not know how to help my non-techie friend now.

It seems as though there is a problem specifically with the messaging between you and your friend. Is this correct, or does he encounter the same problem with all of his other contacts as well?

What you could do, is instruct him to completely remove his Viber, the reinstall the latest version from AppStore.

And by the way - we do have an official way of contacting us. It's in our support page at http://support.viber.com

ViberBugReport Registered User

Yes exactly. The problem is a corrupt entry in the messages repository.
Is a reinstall (and losing all clean data) the only way out here ? Not very appealing.
Regarding the support link. I did try this of course but did not find a way of submitting a problem there. Thanks again for fast response.


It's my pleasure, I'm here to help!

Normally, of course, it shouldn't be the only way out, but it seems like something got entangled here and we're using this as an exceptional workaround. I am well aware that losing all your message history and settings is not appealing, but there is not much more I can offer. You may try logging into your friend's phone as well or instructing him to manually delete the entry.

On the support forums you simply need to click the big "Ask Viber Support" button at the top But since I'm here in this forums, you can simply ask me.


Users with Xperia X8: we heard that some of you are experiencing a critical bug that prevents you from hearing the other side (or vice versa).

Regardless of whether you personally have it or not, may we ask you to check what the "Model Number" of your device is?
You can do it by simply going to Settings --> "About Phone" (at the very bottom) --> Model Number

Thank you in advance!

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