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I am currently a 3rd year apprentice and i have just finished phase 4 I found it very interesting. Since this all that i have wanted to do is become an instructor? Is there any courses i can do either now or when i finish my apprentiship? Or if ther is no courses how do i go about getting into this line of work? What are the Requirments for this job?

I have been trying to find info on the net and so far no good. Any info will be appreciated. ......

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I would imagine you would need work experience in the area and further qualifications. In most things you would typically need to be qualified to a much nigher level than the subject you are teaching.

Not saying that everyone currently teaching is qualified to a higher level, some can be just lucky. Teaching posts in anything are very bard to get these days.

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The minimum requirement is City & Guilds 802 & 803 finals or equilvalent or Department of Education advanced qualififcation in Electrical Engineering. However a lot of the ITs are now looking for a degree so that you can move across to teaching on the full time courses. Due to the down turn in the construction industry, the apprentice registration numbers are falling & apparently little or no new registrations so that instructor you had in Phase 4 will be looking for something else to teach in 18 months. Even if things picked upin the morning & apprentices were registered in large numbers it would thake 24- months for the phase 4 numbers to come back up again.
The department of education is mentioning figures of letting go over 200 instructors in the next 12-18 months.

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No chance of getting job as instructor these days. Dublin phase 2 instructors are pretty much doing something else in Fas or gone. I know a couple of Fas instructors and they've been moved to other centres or teach different classes and also said some centres in Dublin are finished with p2 electrical as numbers gone.

Sorry read that as phase 2!
Just did phase 6 in DIT Kevin street last April and asked instructor the requirements. yeah you need to be qualified electrican with city and guilds electrical engineering too. Bertie1 is correct!

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I have pasted in the text from a document that was circulated by email to lots of engineering students in DIT in 2008.

At the time DIT ran a 10 week course (1 night a week) for free so that people could sit the part 1 Advanced Electrotechnology and part 2, Electrical Engineering Practice – Stage B (Advanced Stage).

These are Department of Education exams and I found many of the questions are very dated, it was as though the person setting the questions was still living in the 1960s.

About 15 of us did the course, as far as I know none of us ended up teaching!! I looked over lots of past papers and saw that some years exam papers were much easier than other years!! The exams cost about €150. I don't know if the course has been run since, but it was well run.

As others have pointed out, there is not lightly to be any employent in this area for quite some time!

At the time it was explained to me by a senior DIT person that a qualified electrician that had this course would have a fair crack at getting some part time work teaching apprentices.

Have you considered a career in Third Level Teaching in Kevin Street?

The minimum requirements are as follows:

Academic Qualifications
Completion of an appropriate full trade apprenticeship with a pass in all the associated examinations including appropriate post apprenticeship examinations
An appropriate 1st or 2nd class honours degree in Electrical or Building Services Engineering from a degree awarding authority or an approved equivalent qualification

At least three years post apprenticeship or post qualification industrial experience. Industrial Experience in Electrical Services or Electrical Power Engineering. Computer literate, Competency in AutoCAD.

Personal Attributes
Good communication and interpersonal skills. Knowledge of Electrical Services industry. Good presentation skills. Membership of a professional institution such as CIBSE

Desirable attributes
Proven track record in team working; Ability to problem solve and innovate; Ambitious and creative; One who wishes to develop academically; One who likes working with young people; One capable of developing academic programmes.

If you are a qualified electrician with three years experience you would meet the practical experience requirements above.

The academic requirement may be met by passing the Department of Education Electrical Engineering Practice Examinations
Part 1 - Advanced Electrotechnology
Part 2 - Electrical Engineering Practice – Stage B (Advanced Stage) -
If you wish to sit these exams next June, you must enter now through the Examinations Office, Kevin Street.

There is no course available at present, however, it may be possible to provide copies of past papers and tutorial classes for a small group interested in studying for these exams.

If you are interested in the above, please give your names to Frances in the Department Office in Church Lane.

Kevin O’Connell
Head of Department

Please note: All appointments are subject to interview.

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