Lapin Banned

Listeners could be forgiven for assuming that he lives across the road from Marconi house and gets sent for every time someone else fails to show up for work.

Apart from his own gig on Thusday nights, Davenport after Dark, and his regular slots on The Right Hook and Breakfast with Ivan & Chris, he has in recent days, also stood in to present The Wide Angle and Moncrieff programmes.

I think he is also involved in the production of some programmes, though I could be mistaken here.

His ubiquitous presence is demonstrates the cost cutting measures the cash strapped station are taking to save a few bob.

Nothing wrong with that of course, but there is a risk of overkill when one presenter pops up all over the place regardless of his ability. And while Davenport can't be blamed for accepting any work he is offered, there is a tendency for the listener to say "there's yer man again".

According to the Newstalk website Davenport After Dark takes "an alternative and opinionated look at everything that informs, infuriates and entertains us." Perhaps it does, but the second hour sex advice slot is a complete waste of airtime and the presenters talents. Broadcast, print and online media are already saturated with such Dr Ruth wannabees.

His travel advice slot on The Right Hook is often a hurried affair with continuous interruptions from George Hook (who never fails to mention his own travel experiences with the lovely Ingrid.) As a result, Davenport often comes across a someone who is winging it and simply reading from a Wikipedia and Trip Advisor website.

And given Davenports excellent submissions to the Lonely Planet guides, this is obviously not the case.

How about ditching the bedroom problem hour on Thursday nights and giving Davenport the second hour of the programme for a travel slot of his own.

It would certainly be far more interesting and informative than listening to come caller from Cork seeking advice on air on how to get it up.

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