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I’m looking for some advice from fellow thyroid sufferers…I was diagnosed in May last year after suffering from severe fatigue and pins and needles in my hands and feet for about 3 months. Am currently on 100 mg Mon-Sat and 150 mg one day a week. Had my levels checked in Dec last and both my gp and endocrinologist were happy with my results.

Fast-forward to mid Feb when I starting to experience some muscle & joint pain, I initially thought that Id pulled some muscles so my gp put on paracetamol. I’ve got no relief from this and over the last month I’ve attended the doctor another three times, costing me a fortune being prescribed Arcoxia 90mg which was useless and on Monday he gave me Difene. I’m not getting much relief from this either…the pain is in both my muscles and joints and moves around different parts of my body each day, and its more of an ache than a pain but it is constant along my spine and shoulder blades. I’ve lost over 2 stone since initially being diagnosed but I notice in the last mth, this has come to a complete standstill, even though I am doing regular exercise, sometimes I get great relief from it, but other times it makes the pain worse.

I’m awaiting the results of both a chest x-ray and bloods for arthritis. My gp was very reluctant to re-test my thyroid but I insisted that he did, but he said he fully expects them to come back ago…I’ve made an appt to see an new endo in Beaumont, Dr. Diarmuid Smith, but that’s not till May.

I’ve heard of something called Fybromygila, and am worried that it could be this…sorry for the essay but just looking for some thoughts from fellow sufferers of this horrible conditions….

Many Thanks


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I do not suffer from muscle pain but I too have thyroid problems and would have thought it is vital that thyroid tests are conducted regularly to ensure the medication is correct esp if you experience new symptoms. I have gone over underactive to overactive. When overactive I did get pins and needles and severe anxiety until the doseage was brought down

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I have underactive thyroid and take the medication for it daily and experience muscle pain too if i dont take it all the time..however the levels of the hormone in your body do need to be constantly re assesed, one blood test to diagnose isnt enough, you need to get your bloods monitored every few months or so to ensure correct dosage etc.
Have you asked your GP about fibromyalgia or maybe Raynauds Syndrome, which can cause lots of pain/stiffness etc..
Fibromyalgia I beleive can be hard to pinpoint.
Try here for some good info

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Agree with the other two replies. I think your thyroid testing needs to be increased.

I used to swing regularly from hyper to hypo, and needed regular adjustment on my meds to counteract this.

The *first* thing I do if *anything* feels noticeably differentor out of whack (energy levels, mucsle pain, heavy limbs etc) is get my thyroid levels tested!

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Hi Evie, what meds are you on? Eltroxin? Besides the muscle and joint pain, do you feel ok otherwise or do you feel that you still have hypo symptoms?
I've had joint and muscle pains on and off for years, and I kept that in check by going to the chiropractor. I've come across fibromyalgia a good bit lately by reading some thyroid books and it is suggested that dessicated thyroid may be the better option to combat the effects if this is indeed what you experience. Worth a thought...

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Thanks so much for all the replies.
After being initially diagnosed I was having bloods done every 2 mts up til the end of Nov to get my levels rite. Yeah he mentioned Fibromylagia but he said he doesnt think that I have it as the pain moves around varies parts of my body and isnt constant in the areas associated with it. Havent heard of Raynards Syndrome must look that up now. Thanks Cltt97, yeah Im on Eltroxin, and other than the aches and pains in my joints Im feeling great, no tiredness or foggy head. Dessicated thyroid, is that armour....Ive made an appt to see Dr. Margaret Griffin in Clane so I mite ask her abt that....altho I believe lots of doctors are very relucant to prescribe it.
Im feeling okay today, apart from pain across my back and spine, but taking difene so hopefully that will start to kick in soon.
Im hoping that it is my thyroid and my levels just need to be changed again...thanks again.

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