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We have lived here for 2 yrs. Before that we lived in France and used to love foraging for cepes and chantereles. Are there cepes in NW Ireland ?

Apanachi Registered User

Apparently yes, have never gone looking for ceps in the NW, but do so every year in Germany.

I don't know where you would find them In the NW, but I would imagine the climate is perfect for them there. I would suggest looking in a mixed forest, there's bound to be plenty.

What part of the Northwest specifically?

bettlebrox Registered User

Maybe you could ask Stuart on his Donegal Wildlife blog if he knows a good place? The blog's at:

cipeen Registered User

Yup. We have Ceps, Chantereles, Giroles, Hedgehogs, Horn of Plenty and other edible fungi in west Donegal.

I'm not going to give precise locations for obvious reasons, but let's just say that fungi like ancient forest and clean air. Check your maps.

Oh, btw, we also have deadly fungi like Death Cap and Destroying Angel alongside the edibles, so be VERY careful.

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