letsallgotothe Registered User

Are there companies online that sell brands like origins and clinique to ireland?

I want to buy a few things like face cleaners and moisturizers but dont want the products barred from customs or worst yet being forced to pay a excise tax on them.

On a related note do any places in northern ireland offer a delivery service of goods to dublin? I always have to drive there myself but the price differences are ridiculous. Like the way you get generic claratin instead of the brand name stuff here in the south. I wish boots would deliver to the south-would save me the many trips up north!

The_Morrigan Moderator

I use feelunique.com, they are a Jersey based firm who deliver to Ireland.
The prices quoted on the website are inclusive of delivery and on the off chance that you do get caught for customs, if you send them a copy of the invoice/bill they will reimburse you for the additional charges.

I've been using them for well over a year and I've never had any problems with them.

Tayla Registered User

I have bought some origins stuff from debenhams.ie
You can get clinique from house of fraser.co.uk

Lorrrrraine Registered User

Feelunique for sure, never had a problem with them and they are super cheap

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