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Hi! So as the title says, is it?

I usually go to Northpoint, but due to needing to do a re-test tomorrow, I have to go to Greenhills. I've had a look on google streetview and can't find it based on the directions on the NCT site (scroll down and click on Greenhills). I imagine it will be a big hard to miss place, though it doesn't show up on street view

Note to mods- I stuck it here rather than in the Dublin city forum as I felt the question would be quicker answered by motor fans. I have to be there at 8 tomorrow morning

MagicMarker Banned

I'm not sure it was there when Google had the street view cars driving around. You wouldn't miss it though.

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hidinginthebush Registered User

Phew, that's what I hoped, cheers!

Midnight_EG Banned

Coming from the Tallaght by-pass...continue all the way down the Greenhills Road until you come to a Topaz garage...it's the right turn directly after that...then continue all the way down through the industrial estate and it's on the left :]

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voteforpedro Registered User

as above. once you get to stuarts garages turn down that road

hidinginthebush Registered User

Cheers lads, got there in one piece easily enough.

You'll be pleased to know I passed the re-test with flying colours, after failing a re-test yesterday, even though no work was done on the car at all. Guess the guy from yesterday was just a jerk (mechanic said the same yesterday, but in a lot less nicer way).

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