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Japan has more important things to worry about now, but fingers crossed it'll still kick off here in a few months time

Due to the horrific destruction that Japan has endured due to the recent 9.0 magnitude earthquake, The Pokémon Company has announced that the Japanese Video Game and Trading Card Game national qualifiers for this year's World Championships have been canceled.
It is currently unknown whether the cancellation of the Japanese qualifiers will also affect other regional and national qualifiers across the world and the planned World Championships in San Diego this summer or not.
Communications with the Pokémon Daisuki Club, the official Japanese Pokémon fan club, have also been stopped. As reported earlier, the launch of Pokémon Black and White's Global Link feature has also been delayed.
The earthquake has caused over 9000 deaths and injured nearly 3000[1]. Around 14,000 people are still missing. In addition to the earth tremors and tsunami, there have been concerns over the safety of multiple nuclear power plants. It will be some time before Japan gets back on its feet; we know your thoughts will be with the island nation in this time of need.

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A shame, but totally understandable given the tragic circumstances. I'll still be preparing a team though, in the hope it goes ahead here.

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