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I'm going away for 2 weeks in August and i'm looking to put my 2 dogs (westies) in a kennel for the 2 weeks.

Roughly how much would that cost ?

can i have the names of some good ones as i want to review them before hand and I always like to hear from people that has used them before

Thank you.

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Best Kennels are who we used last year as they were recommened by Dog Training Ireland. We'll use them again this year as they took great care of him. They're in Garristown just past the back of the airport. The owner seems to rub some people up the wrong way but I found him nice enough and the puppy was in brilliant form when we collected him - he even asked the vet for a cuddle the next day which was unheard of at the time lol!

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I've been using Wenden Kennels in Rathfarnham for the last 12 years and can thoroughly recommend them. The dogs love going there and are very well cared for.

NeVeR Registered User

what kinda prices are we looking at ? I've 2 westies

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Hilton 5 Star Boarding Kennels in Balgriffin is great. I leave my two dogs in there regularly. The facility is excellent. And the park is right across the road, perfect for walks. This is the website and you can book them in from there!

All the staff are very friendly, and are true dog lovers!

It would be €25 for the two dogs sharing

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