VeVeX Registered User

Just coming home from work this evening at around 8:15pm and spotted a really bright fireball passing.

Im in north Dublin but I'd imagin it could have been seen alot further afield.

Did anyone else happen to see it?

Dotsie~tmp Registered User

Im not sure if this is related. At about 11:55 Friday (tonight) I woke up looking out my bedroom window which faces due east. I noticed a point like object near the horizon (20 deg above) moving slightly. Its luminosity and colour, a deep orange, made me think "flame" straight away. I grabbed by iphone and snapped a few crappy seconds. Its not a great camera at night.

The strange thing is the slow unidirectional movement stopped and it appeared to then move about slowly side to side, up and down. I decided it wasnt an aircraft on fire and quickly grabbed the binos as it sank away east. At 10x it appeared point like as a star. No nav lights, no strobe. Flame orange and very luminous. It was the brightest thing in the sky bar the moon by a mile. I lost it as it moved away and sank into the low horizon haze.

Without a doubt it was no ordinary aircraft. I sat for a while after it went and observed through the binos some distant a/c with tell tale nav and strobes. Many many times dimmer.

My second thought was some type of lantern but distance i reckoned by the clouds it moved behind put it out past 50 miles (could be wrong). Also the apparent movement at that distance would have given it a significant velocity. I'll upload the vid. Any ideas?

robk24 Registered User

99% sure its a lantern...

SEANoftheDEAD Registered User

I saw 3 of them things you just decribed man, tonight at about half 11...

I reckon its more of them lantern things that are so popular these days.

Dotsie~tmp Registered User

Yeah probably. I was jarred when i woke so me peepers might not have been workin too well.

rccaulfield Registered User

Those lanterns are actually beautiful to look at, i spotted 3 of them floating beside the moon a few weeks back just off the m1- must buy some! Anyone know where sells them?

Calibos Registered User

There were a couple let off in the middle of Bray the other night. 2 of the bags came down in back gardens just up the road from me. Probably a few WTF's uttered when people were letting the dogs out the back for a pee the next morning

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