was it just the winners who were informed beforhand or the losers too?
initially i thought it was both, but then someone pointed out to me that

a) if u lost wud u really have bothered coming in to the stables to see everyone else celebrating while you are gutted


b) eamonn boland was right up at the screen with a face of excitement like that of a kid on christmas eve as the welfare results were being announced....

i thought keith young also looked as if the result was new to him.

bazkennedy Registered User

All candidates were given the option, as far as I know we all took that option. Myself and Aoife found out together. I decided to stay for the announcement and publicly congratulate aoife and I'm sure she would have done the same thing. At the end of the day we're still friends.

Ginge Young Registered User

Yeh, all candidates had the option to view the results for their election if they so wished. I unwittingly did it like 15-20 min early and then left my team guessing. Evidentally I have a good poker face, they kept switching between thinking I won and I lost haha.

When I was in the stables I knew I had already lost, just felt like I needed to be with my team when the results came out. It was at that point too that I couldn't keep it in ;-)

KellingtonDawg Registered User

I also chose to be informed before the results because I knew that continuous crying would be my reaction whichever way it went. This caused people to think I had lost... obviously I wasn't allowed to tell them I hadn't.

So when the results were announced, people were simultaneously saying "well done!" and then "you're some bitch for making us think you'd lost".


Perhaps next year we could have a shorter gap between candidate notification and public announcement... 30 minutes was a bit long!

Catch15 Registered User

Well anyone who seen me before I found out the result myself would have known I was barely able to talk, and when I leaned against the bar in the Stables as the result was announced I was in a similar state so that was my attempt at hiding the result! I did tell the people closest to me, because they could read me like a book anyway!

I don't know if it's the right way, because even though I tried to sneak in the other door to the stables, I was still mobbed with questions which I had to brush off with a smile. There's probably a way of doing it that we all find out together but it gives candidates fair chance to react.

ninty9er Registered User

Everyone bar Paddy chose to find out in advance.

Next year nobody will know as there is going to be a module built into the software what will release the result on an hour-by-hour tally over the course of a minute or 2 so that the suspense can build and we won't know who will win from the first hour's results. Particularly in the Presidential race this year it would have been impossible to tell who'd won until the final hour was included as there were only 146 votes in the final decider once 2nd preferences came into play.

Adam_M Registered User

ninty9er said:
Everyone bar Paddy chose to find out in advance

We found out as well. However, we decided for the teams sake not to tell anyone bar the 4 or 5 of us that were there at the time. We acted like we didn't know, but when one of us that knew looked at each other, it was hard to contain our delight. It would've ruined the climax for the team not to have found out in The Stables. That said, I would've loved for all us our (at least on our campaign team) to have found out at the same time in The Stables, however, the reasoning behind giving out the results before hand is understandable.

Dante on Fire Registered User

Now that the FYP done and the Elections are over i want to say a Massive thank you to all who helped during the week and all the candidates who ran for election - you all ran in order to make the place even better and no one can hold that against you. To the following:
Adam Moursy - you little diamond, a great campaign manager and a true friend it was all about hearing the result in the stables and having ya beside me man it was worth 2 years of hell but we got it! whoop whoop LOVE YOU!
Rob Sheahan - for all your help man it was a true pleasure to have you around this week, culminating in an epic finish of the Mary I ball crashing, the picnic and some Epic choons, for the help during the week and the constant boost that was so helpful during this tought week. And reminding me that people need to see the real Paddy Rockett and nothing more thank you! YOUR BIGGEST CRAIC WHORE!
Ciaran Hennessy - I think back to the night we lost, outside the lodge, i had given up, on alot more than just elections, you and you alone pulled me back to the person i am today, you are my little brother (who is ironically taller than me) I am indebted to you in so many ways, you constantly gave me the push and the drive to keep going and nothing absolutly nothing can stop this freight train now. much Love
Des Foley - The work you put in in preperation for this was huge and i would have not have done it without you, i was tired and could not have done any of this alone and you jumped in, fyp pushed aside and you stood up to help me out and that is a sign of one of the best friends i could ever have anyone that knows me knows that the highest honour i can give you is to call you just that. thank you so much! what about the much?
Nick the jew Kennedy - NEED I say more the DJ'n was unreal and you were there throughout the campaign the buzz around campus can be linked to what you did in the couryard - it kept the buzz and the faith in the possibility of great things to come in my year in office! Thank you.
Mark Moloney - Sound so much ya big creep for facebook stalking the crap outta people it was exactly what was needed and it was class to know you were there, I know what you'd call me for all this but i can only say thanks with a bottle of something clear and refreshing sometime this week
Tom Feehan - For the support all through your teaching practice and adding any one that would wear the poster for the week fair play to ya old friend - i see great things for your future cheif and i only hope I can help in the way you have helped me, never have i regretted meeting someone but time i ask myself whom do i owe for meeting someone like yourself.

Lads and Langers
These were the epic peole who just jumped on the juggernaut that was this campaign and made it 1000 times better and they need special mention
Dara Casey -Some man and absolute hero this week was ment to be about getting great people involved and it was an absolute pleasure to meet you chief.
Lee 'Dubz' Casey - What a legend if it was blowing up those champagne bottles or chatting to hot women you we're the man for the job and i cant thank you enough for all your help!
Ross O Maoláin, Kian Masters & James lucey -My three musketeers - what can i say about these lads, they were nothing short of amazing! there were times when i was tired and thought negitive things about the election and I would look at these guys and their own particular brand of madness and I thought that is what I live for, the sheer fun and crazy **** these mad feckers could come up with. You lads made my week....no wait the Mary I ball did...but ye were a close 2nd! HEROS! SSSSSSNNNNAAAAAKKKKKKEEEEE!
Simon Malone - You gave me any time you could spare man and that wass unreal every constantkly around and there for the craic thanks so much dude!
Sexton & Heartney - Always will have a place in my heart you two were constanly available and worked your ass off be it online or on the ground fighting - i expect great times next year and you lads at the hear and soul of it thanks so much.
Lanks - often its hard to work against a friend of yours in something like this but you cam up trups and you always kept me entertained and gave me that wonderful shirt which i must return- you ar a hero since the day we met kiddo PINT?
Ken English - you were there throughout and i knew it there was no need to ever feel apologetic about me not seeing you because i knew the work you did behingd the scenes and you helped me more than you'll ever know with things said on chat... i got re-charged gave a finger to the world and rolled on with my magnificent team...and you were at the core ....love ya brah! Its a long way from trying to get my laptop in the dorms
Alan Hayes & Mark Conway - any time you guys had you spent it with us and that was very important conway the boost you gave when i was stressed was comical and a necessity. Alan from since i met ya i have always kept the value of helping others as i have met a great person in ya and will continue with that charecteristic of mine as one of my most important. thank you so much!
Adam Lahey - come back from Killkenny.
Culoty and the Atlanta lads - sound so much for the support looking forward to working for/with you next year!s year on and the tables are so turn sure we can only have a pint on em!
Mark White - ha YOUR BIG STUPID GRIN IN THE STABLES WAS HILARIOUS! sound so much for the support!
Tony Hayes and cohorts - Again living proof of the madness and student craic that drives me in this place keep it going and we'll have some craic next year sound for all your help!

Wonderful Wags/Women
Andrea Gallagher - your some mad young wan keeping the buzz and the happyness around the place with you and all your crew your asome hero and a really great friend always thank you!
Fiona Malone - HA HA you were at home sick and you missed the madness - but thank you so much for all the help and support kiddo!
Aine Seoighe - you were an absolute diamond this week and shone the brightest, you were there constantly and forever smiling thank you so much my great friend!
Anne Rutherford - My international voter you are some hero and i love ya to bits but your still a vegetarian which is something im gonna try and sort out for ya....i'd love a burger!
Mairead Trant- you were epic for the week it was an absolute pleasure and i was so glad for your help it was so nice of ya thank you so much!
Anna Vlugman - You bubbly charcter thank you for all your help and talking to randomers who had no idea who you or me were sound!
Mary Coughlan & Aoife Conway - ye two....what can i say... ye were brilliant! people with rockets on there faces and you guys with your uber fun sense of the world ye did me so proud and i love ye to bits!
Ellen O Regan & Roisin Hogan - The dynamic duo - ye were the life and soul of the Campaign be ye talking to randomers and telling them randome stuff not relating to the manifesto or running around the place with the champagne bottles - legends!
Emily Stickland and all her amazing friends- you made the campaign what it was tbh, it was you guys that were in early and home late thank you so much all ye're effort and support gave me a constant boost i owe ye more than ye'll know...oh and i have your jumper
Ciara Crosbie - jaysus you shifted some load of peole for the vote...nah only messing you we're brilliant and i cant thank you enough sound for shifting ross he needed the boost! - think i shifted one of your friends in mollies....does she have my keys?
Meadhbh Shepard - you were amazing and i cant thank ya enogh kiddo!
And to anyone i forgot and to those who voted thank you so much you made a dream of mine possible and i cant thank you enough.

Incomming officers
Aoife, Kelly, Tara and Derek - Amazing Campaigns all of you it was a pleasure to run this week in your presence, looking forward to a great year with great people, we're gonna have some laugh and work our ass off for all these students that mean alot to us.

To the candidates that did not make it
Man I'm so proud of the work everyone put in and when i looked at all 12 candidates there is not any one combination that i could choose that would not put its heart and soul into making the students union a better place. you did yourselves proud and it was my absolute pleasure to run along side you. Particular mention should go to Alan O Sullivan a truely sound man that will do great things. Such great guy to campaign against never any animosity it was a pleasure afterwards to sit down and have a pint with you dude.

To one and all thank you so much
Paddy Rockett ULSU Campaigns & Services Officer Elect

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sceptre Registered User

I've split off the discussion of the PSA (Postgraduate Students' Association) presidential election from this thread as the PSA is a representative organisation in its own right and very important when it comes to representing and aiding postgrad students at UL.

I've moved all posts relating to the PSA election to that thread. You'll find it here.


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