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I am looking at a move to Dublin and would be working in Dublin 3. What are the nicest places to live in that area, taking into account I don't drive, and would need to access public transport. I would like to keep rent as low as possible but I am realistic too. I would also like to be close to the city centre.
Thanks in advance!

Treehouse72 Registered User

Well, the "nicest" parts of the city won't necessarily be the same thing as "the nicest part of the city accessible to Dublin 3"!

But if your workplace was near the Dart, you could live anywhere along that line and commute. The nicest areas along that line would be on the Southside IMO around Ballsbridge and Sandymount - these would also be handy for town but would be expensive (they are among the priciest areas in the whole city). But almost as good would be nearby city locations around Baggot Street, Mount Street, Haddington Road or anywhere along the eastern Grand Canal area. Very pretty around there, close to Dart/town and needn't be that expensive. Ringsend and Docklands are also improving as areas although can still be a bit rough.

not even wrong Registered User

Clontarf is a good area in Dublin 3, it has a DART station and the seafront and Bull Island/Dollymount Strand. Fairview and Marino are decent enough as well.

There are other areas of Dublin 3 that are more disadvantaged -- steer clear of Ballybough and East Wall if you want to live in a "nice" middle-class area.

But yeah, depending on where exactly in Dublin 3 you are working, you could live anywhere along the DART line, maybe even anywhere along the red LUAS line if your work is in the East Wall area.

eest Registered User

Some people like to stay close to town and if you do not have a car and enjoy the buzz it pays but if you like it quiet and appreciate a bit of the space, I would look for some nice suburbs along the dart line like people suggested. North or South does not matter. I would not fancy Fairview as it is not "nice" enough for me but it is personal choice. Clontarf is great but it is full of old smelly mouldy houses, very few new places available there. Same with Raheny. Sutton, Howth, Portmarnock and Malahide are great. There is very nice estate of apartments cross the road from Portmarnock station.

Zamboni Registered User

Bayside is what you are looking for.
Cheaper than other nice areas, two close dart stations and tons of parks, beaches etc.


Clontarf is a lovely area

But if you're after a small flat well a lot of the houses are very old so it might't be the best
Plently of rooms to let out there if you want to share

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