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We had a great meet last Saturday in Liffey Valley and I'd like to thank all for coming and helping with some great ideas and was good to meet a couple of new people who will be taking part.

The most important thing to come out of the meeting is the new deposit price and a new time line for collecting it.

Thanks to Onkle the cost of the hotels is lower than last year and this means we can lower the deposit.

We are now looking for a deposit of €150.

And we are accepting the deposit in two payments of €100 and then €50.

The €100 should be paid before the end of March and then the additional €50 before the end of April.

We hope this will give more people the opportunity to take part and be able to pay the deposit in the two installments of a greater period of time.

So if your interested get your name on the list or contact me, onkle or quazzie.

Any questions?

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