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Nonmonotonic said:

I quite like that idea must do it in my office would save me a lot of time looking for cables I tend to pull in and out alot...ta

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loving that, going buying some tmw!

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Nonmonotonic said:

Gotta love the person who had the time to see this!

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what are those things being used?

steveon Registered User

Some Large paper clips simple yet effective

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Nonmonotonic said:

My life, well mostly my desk, has changed forever

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Never seen these paperclips in the shops. Anywhere convenient to pick them up?

sundodger5 Registered User

think they are called bulldog clips.
last time i used them was for holding the paper to the board in tech drawing in school.
easons or the likes should stock them.

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Just saw this now, the prospect of going to work tomorrow doesn't seem so bad now! Phone charger cable always ends up on the ground and being run over by my seat!

accidentprone1 Registered User

Went and picked these up in Easons. Went home all excited only to realise that op must have a very thin desk

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