Vorenus Registered User

Has anyone taken any of the products from this company? Has anyone heard about this company. www.flpireland.com

I am especially interested to hear if anyone has taken their argi+ product.


EileenG Moderator

I think there was a thread about this a while ago, where the consensus was that there was nothing wrong with it, but it was shockingly over-priced for what it was, and it wouldn't do anything wonderful for you. You can buy the same stuff in Holland & Barrett or any supplement shop for a fraction of the money.

Dark Phoenix Registered User

I won a few of their products in a competition a while back. The tablets in it were ginger and tumeric I think and I found them to work okay although as EileenG said they did seem very expensive for what they were (there was a price list with the kit I got) and I didn't purchase them afterards as I could get much cheaper elsewhere.

I did find some of their external products really good though - the aloe msm gel is brilliant stuff if you are stiff or sore it really loosens you up I have back problems and put it on when I need it and feel a definate difference afterwards.

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